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Pustules around sides of nose in creases! HELP!

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I am getting constant reaccuring white pustules around sides of my nose in creases. Sometimes they clear for a day and then they come back again. I sometimes get painful pustules inside my nostrils. It gets uncomfortable to smile and I've had enough of these daily pustules appearing. Could this be staph bacteria? I'm doubting it's p.acnes bacteria and what can I use to get rid of it??? Anybody have the same problem?

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for years i use to have constant infections on my nose creases (spots,redness etc) and chin.

i feel its a combination of things.  

first you might want to eliminate any products from your diet which can cause hormonal acne (do a google search). then stop using any products on your face which can cause irritation,  block your pours or cause excess sebum production (bad soaps/creams)  - most people find minimal face washing is beneficial to stopping the over production of sebum.. also do a search for the caveman regimen.

if you tweak your diet and use the correct products on your face, your quickly find this problem will disappear. 


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Thank you so much for the advise! I will definitely give it a go. I'm actually trying Castile soap to wash my face, I do like it but I'm worried it may block my pores as it is made of oils. Also, I do like to moisterize but I can't seem to find a moisterize that won't block pores. Trying to find products for problem skin is a nightmare!

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