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Advice for Living with Acne - Epidou Forte Advice

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So I have lived with acne for a long time... and to be honest it has gotten better throughout the past few years. I am 20 years old and about a year ago I started a new treatment with my dermatologist and it was working well. It makes my skin fairly oily but I can live with that as long as I don’t have
giant spots all across my face. 

Recently however I have started a new job at The Ritz Carlton where appearance is everything. Last night a pimple on my lip popped while I was at the desk and I had to fake a nose bleed so that I could leave and discreetly take care of it. It wouldn’t stop bleeding for about fifteen minutes. It was incredibly embarrasing. The treatment worked for about a year but now I am breaking out again. It might be stress, it might be my body becoming used to the treatment but my confidence in my appearance has tanked once again. 

Therefor I have two questions for everyone on this forum. 
1) How can I go to work/school everyday and feel confident in my appearance when I don’t like how I look? 

2) Has anyone here used Epiduo Forte and do you have any advice on how to utilize it best? 

Thank you all! 

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