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Positive things about scars

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I wanted to create a topic where people could say what positive acne scars brought to their lives 
We all know about the negative, the pain we can feel everyday. 
But maybe in the worst days we can read this and become more positive..
I believe there is always a positive side of a bad situation.

-Maybe acne scars allowed me to realize that I am not just an appearance, but more than this
-Realize people dont like you because of your look and reject superficial people
-Be more grateful on things you can loose overnight (legs, arms, to be disfigured in an accident, severe disease, physical  sequelae...) 
-Accept things that cannot be changed
- Be more comprehensive on others physical problems (I wasn’t before)
- Prevent sun damage because you protect your skin more than other people
- Have a better lifestyle, nutrition, sport etc
- Work more on yourself, meditation, personal development 

If you have other ideas.. I have to say I have my good and my bad moments like everyone and I am NOT in this positive mood everyday. 

God bless you guys


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Preventing sun damage--huge check on that. My skin hasn't been exposed in 25 years. I'm absolutely rabid about my sunscreens, my hats/visors, and sunglasses. Huge difference now between myself and same-aged peers.

Work--I threw myself into my work. I've reached a point that honestly goes far beyond what I ever thought I'd accomplish. The money isn't great but the challenges and responsibilities are. My bosses have entrusted me with much more than I could have ever hoped for. I've arrived. It doesn't sound great, as I describe it but it means a lot to me.

Food--I always ate well, it's been a few decades now, and again, it shows. I also work on my body which is still decent.

In short, I tried to make sure that just about everything else was in order. Maybe my skin is horrible but  I have these other things to sustain me.

I am not sure it made me a better person but I try.  I still have envy. I still feel thwarted. I still feel like I missed out on a lot that normals have. 

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 I appreciate your post @arug 

About food I totally agree ! 
I am definitely sure that food, good healthy habits and preventing from the sun can assure us to have good skin in the future whereas many people with normal skin can have horrible skin at a certain age
I also believe that after 30, NOBODY’s skin is perfect ! We start to have wrinkles, scarre more, patches, maybe the most difficult is between 20 and 30.

It is not because of the scars that we have bad skin!
The positive is also that we can improve our skin dramatically today and some have amazing results !! It is not a fatality at all ! 

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It teached me many things.

I love myself way more inside, it made me a much much better person.

I realize that before, I couldn't go out without checking my looks in the mirror for an hour.

Now I go out without even checking it.

Now I absolutely don't judge people by their appearance AT ALL.

And honneslty, in today s world, that's not an ability many people have.

It also gave a real inner peace : 

I accepted the idea of living a stressless life.
I just live the present moment. If I die tommorow, so be it. I think it's a blessing not to scare death.

I think the best way to live the experience we're supposed to live as mortals, is to be totally OK with death. 


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Thank you mickidepaname you are from Paris ? :D 
Yes i think if we didn’t live in THIS society we would never suffer about scars

Let’s have hope, it is possible, everything is possible  

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