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Ok, I got pissed. I suffer from acne for so f*cking long... boo hoo me huh sad.gif

So I remeber a post of a guy mixing all his spot treatments together, never heard back from him since.. So I tried it.. Right now..

It consist of 2 applications eusa_shhh.gif

1st application is:

Clearasil Ultra Vanishing Cream 10% BP ( about a american quarter sized amount )

ZapZyt 10 % BP ( about a american nickel sized amount )

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Gel - I beleave 2% SA ( about half a american penny sized amount)

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion - 2% SA ( about a fifty cent piece amount)

Mixed together completely,  since they are all problem spot treatments I put this sh*t on the worst problems first then worked my way around till I finally rubbed it all in.

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Hey im that guy that combined everything a while back! It really works. Its the only thing that will stop it for me. Sorry I havent posted back in a while. But yea, it really does work!

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Ok my results are weird..

It broke me out, but just little whiteheads about 7 of them eusa_doh.gif

but I had 3 big spots, 1 on my forhead was pretty big and 2 on the left side of my face.. not any more all 3 are gone eusa_dance.gif it's not red either.. but I don't see how I broke out but it took away my big problem spots? ..

and they appear by my chin which is no biggie cause they are small..

aww well its all I had worth a shot.. Glad the big ones are gone eusa_dance.gif

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You know maybe your right, but.. its what I had left so I dont have any more lol...

But I can't beleave the 3 problem spots i did have are completely scaled down to the skin surface... insted of a big ass bump its level with my skin surface, its nice!

I can deal with little white heads but not big ass inflammed red things ya know.. eusa_naughty.gif

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