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Bare with me. Its a long story over 8-10 years of knowledge but I hope this helps someone.
#Skin RE-CLOGGING ITSELF endlessly

My acne slowly slowly started when I was 12 and atm im 22 (first with bumps and pus filled ones and at 20 years oled they were deep big under skin cysts- it was a stressful time w bad relationship/ I ate very much processed food and oils and dairy). At 16 I was on birth control for half a year which didnt help acne and my whole body hated it (depression, low energy, broken blood vessels, dryness  etc). So I came off of BCp and never went back. 
With eliminating oil, dairy, sugar (not fruits-these I keep), coffee, etc in my diet I have found a way to calm my skin down. The biggest change was dairy although Im not allergic to it. Right now I eat whole food plant based. When I want my skin to be near perfect then I cut out all sweets all caffeine all fried food (these make my skin oily and even more congested) and try to eat more veggies and raw foods and pickled stuff..
Being a quite healthy vegan now I have no infamed acne (IF I dont pick at anything), but all these years and all tried treatments those under skin deeply clogged pores remain. And not only remain, they refill themselves quicker than I can extract them- which has led me to dermatillomania. Not all of my pores are like that now when I know what my acne triggers are it seems that 60% of my pores know how to behave and the other 40% have no Idea how to DO ITS WORK. They just keep their opening small and fill keratin plugs inside. I dont have big pores and I dont have a problem with blackheads. My problem are closed comedones, which are always these same pores I just emptied one-two days ago. I could tell with my eyes closed where they locate. There are quite meny of them, with makeup in certain lighting and photos they look awful.. Id rather have BIG clean open pores than small ones that just fill themselves over and over and over with white stringy paste like stuff/ grains. While I have these eveywhere on my face (mouth area, chin, forehead, cheeks, in brows, T-zone etc..) they are not in every single pore. It seems like as if they are in the same exact pores every time. It looks like some pores are more stretched out inside than others and so they can fill up more. I have read that once the pore is emptied then it starts doing its job correctly...not from what I´ve seen though. it seems like some of my oil glands are just ruined from the inside and they cant function normally anymore. After emptying then they fill up super quickly..

 And on my chest and back as well (but to a much smaller degree, I guess the oil glands on my face are more active). THIS IS NOT because of makeup or creams clogging my skin.. Because I dont wear makeup on my back and chest yet I get clogs there too.  Also I have tested being with no makeup/no creams for a month and using only 0 comedogenic rating oils (my skin is on the dry side and really sensitive) with no relief, they still got congested. My skin clogs itself, not the chemicals I put on it.

Doctor told me that I have thick sebum and I produce more keratin, That my problem is genetic.. Does that mean that I just have to learn to live with this misery? I dont remember my mom and my dad having such textured skin when they were younger. My mom is close to 50 and she gets one or tho zits once a month but she doesnt have these plugs and clogs everywhere. She has nice skin, dad also. Both agree they had acne when they were young and  It went away. I could say that mine went away but I can get it back anytime I eat sth Im not supposed to. NOTHING I DO just works on these closed comedones. Nothing. Nada. I have been a year on differin and then tretinoin cream. Every  article on congested skin tells you to use BHA and retinoids that those should work. NNOOOPE, not for me.

I have used sonic brush, tea tree, wich hazel, nizoral shampoo, hemp seed oil (this thing my skin loves as a moisturiser but it doesnt do nothing for the comedones), AHA 12%, BHA 2%, benzyl peroxide with clindamycin, retinoids (whilst they made my skin smoother and nicer looking they never got rid of the deep sitting plugs), etc but  it seems even If they could slough the dead skin off, the pores underneath just do the clogging party 100x faster than the unclogging happens. Doctors have told me I don´t have a hormonal imbalance although they never checked it (they assume upon the fact that my cycle is very regular).

INTERNALLY:  Lets get this out of the way, probiotics and not eating certain foods have made the biggest difference, they made my cysts go away and overall health has been SOO MUCH BETTER. For example: When I eat chocolate or drink coffee or sth that has been fried in lots of oil  then I get oily and congestion happens much  faster and in more areas, I even might get infected zits. The cleaner I eat my vegan diet the better my skin is (some things raw and some things cooked with minimal oli and salt)

Things that have worked for some but haven´t worked for me in a way that I would notice:  Silica,  Zinc, vit A,  vit D3, vit B6, vit..whateve vitamins. Omega3, evening primrose (I dont recommend omega 6).

DERMATILLOMANIA PART:Only way I get rid of them is to pick at them, I know its bad, and my skin sooo hates  picking, it starts peeling and by the time it has healed, the pore has filled itself again I have created thousands of capillaries because of this. My skin is very thin, that should be mentioned- when i pull my skin tight I can see all the clogs and many of my blood vessels underneath. Because of this fast-pore-refilling thing I have given up going to a professional to do extractions. Its like I have to choose, do I go around places my makeup looking textred and bumpy or do I have dry scaly skin. Of course I would prefer to have soft and smooth skin but its hard to tell myself not to pick anymore bc I know the clogs just keep getting bigger If I dont do anything about them.

Some pores are even so big inside that they host about 1cm long little pasty whitish stuff..Sometimes If I pick at them and get many on a paper and they smell like...a bit sour? sorry if this is gross but am I the only one who has this?
And because no amount of peeling or acne treatments work it seems like its not even acne.. I am thinking about demodex brevis or some kind of fungal thing...although Ive tried anti dandruff shampoo on face..nizoral orsth (didnt work).
Nothing helps and dermatologists don´t even take any tests on wtf it is. Just give retinoids and tell me that they should work but no results ... My skin seems to clog itself from deeep layers, im thinking it is demodex brevis in follicles.

New theory in practice:
I have really sensitive digestion.
As a kid I got many antibiotics, I ate only certain things (picky eater back then) and always had constipation.  As a teenager I ate real junk if  I wanted- , which was the same time time my skin started acting up.
For years I thought that having bad gas pains and bad feeling in stomach after a meal was normal. In college years and after doing some food-sensitivity-bloodwork and switching to a whole-plant based diet iI found out that constant pain isn´t normal. Now I get gas and pains only If I eat some certain things (If I eat perfectly I rarely get any gas at all). My digestion got so much better- and faster I go to the toilet 1-3 times a day.
BUT there are a few problems that still linger and I haven´t quite pinpointed what triggers them. 
You should analyse your stool- it tells much about your health. Sometimes my stool is normal, dark and all in one, but quite often it looks like underdigested or too soft or lighter brown in color or falls apart in the water like flakes etc. And usually I dont feel hungry (you know that hungry feeling you get in the stomach -Yeah, I did, not anymore), and when I start eating then its hard to stop although im full. This has made me think I have low stomach acid or sluggish digestion or problem with gallbladder etc. I couldn´t think of a reason why at such young age I have low stomach acid (low stomach acid- I mean I should say too high Ph, in a healthy stomach the acidity should be 1,5-3 Ph).. So I thought of helicobacteria Pylori that my grandmother has. You can get the infection it fairly simply by using the same cutlery orsth as the person who has HPylori. I got tested for it and the test Came back negative, although it might be false (falsenegatives are frequent). My doc wouldnt do the test again.

So I tried Betaine Hcl to test if my stomach acid is really out of whack. And it is. I had to take 5!!! capsules with my meal to feel warm feeling in my stomach (which means that now is enough).  This explains why I am sensitive to so many foods (but no allergies) and why meat is hard to digest. If your stomach acid is out of place then all the digestion along the line is some way or another out of order. SIBO, IBS,  or for me- leaky gut. This also explains why my bloodwork shows a small amount of imflammation every time and why Im sensitive to many simple food items.. For different people these problems manifest differently- , some people show it on their skin as acne or eczema etc.
As switching my diet helped my severe (doc wanted me to take oral antibiotics to heal my cysts if treclinac topically doesn´t help) acne soo immensely then I might be right when I suggest that  the clogged pores are due to the undigested food particles, bacteria, and toxins in my bloodstream. Now I have to cure my gut even more. So far I have come a long way. Taking betaine Hcl is expensive in the long run although I would like to try enzymes as well.. but both of these routes are like band-aid approach BUT if everything else fails and I need to buy Betaine Hcl and enzymes for the rest of my life to keep my skin perfect  and digestion running then Im up for it (not my wallet tho ).

A  REALLY UNDERRATED VIDEO IN THE ACNE COMMUNITY About all the things that I have learned along the way : 


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