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A little background about me:
I have had acne since 3rd or 4th grade, in high school I found out I was celiac, and that helped a lot. After high school I got my wisdom teeth out and and had to take an antibiotic which exploded my skin. I took medication for my acne, which was great, but it gave me period cramps so bad that I would throw up every month. DID NOT WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT, so I stopped taking it. I was on a mostly vegan with some fish diet with lots of plant-based vitamin A, which worked to clear up MOST of my acne naturally. That was Spring 2018, but I still have acne on my chin and somewhat on my jawline. (Pretty sure this is due to hormones) 
I have been working to reduce toxins in my life. I have almost cramp-free periods (unless I have too much sugar during) My acne is significantly better! But... I still have new zits every day.
Currently I am on a low-carb diet. (I probably eat too many walnuts.) I see improvements when I get at least 6 servings of vegetables. I have also limited my fruit intake, eliminated grains (considering adding quinoa back in), and I cut out dairy. & I am soy intolerant, so I avoid that. Most of my carbs come from sweet potatoes and berries, sometimes green apples, and of course vegetables.
My skin is oily, yet also flaky where I have acne.
I feel the least anxiety that I have felt in years.
Something I have observed:
My skin clears up when I visit the Blue Ridge Mountain region. I will also still eat what I want, yet my skin still improves! I normally live in Florida, and I have actually begun washing my face with filtered water (if I wash my face). 
Note: when I am in the mountains I continue to maintain a gluten free and mostly soy-free diet. I will sometimes eat dairy, even some sugar.

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Hey Norm, 

Happy to see that you get some results : ) 

Keep in mind that while berries are good antioxidants and have good polyphenols for skin, they are still natures candy. Eat berries and fruits only when in season, same with apples! And if you eliminate green apples, you will get better results, because of the natures "toxins" it has to protect the apple from animals. No animal eat green apples because it makes them weak and sick, most animals don't even see green colour, so why a human eat a green apple? so just try it for 3 weeks.

It's awesome to hear that you have eliminated grains - thats a good step towards stopping acne breakouts.
If you would be my client - I wouldn't suggest quinoa, and there's a strong reason.

I would like to give you some more things that I am sure will boost your results, lets have a quick chat in messages? 

I am not a doctor or dermatologist, I am just a guy who's cured his acne naturally and has helped 9 people to do the same : )

Heres my patient Anna,  who strongly believed that her acne Is caused by her hormones. She stopped her breakouts within 5 months and I believe you can do the same!


Heres 2 more clients:

Debbie (believed acne is caused by genes) 



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