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Retin-A: apparently, the solution to my nightmare

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The reason why I decided to post it here instead of "over the counter drugs" and "prescription drugs" is because it seems retin-a is sold without prescription in some places.

I'll keep it short.

Been struggling with acne ever since 16 years old. Went through high school with terrible skin while trying to make the acne go away with many kinds of products... none worked as it should.

When I turned 19 I went on accutane. It worked wonders for a year and a half, then the acne came back. Went on accutane for another seven months and it cleared my face for another one and a half year.

Figured I shouldn't expect it to be different a third time. My acne wasn't nearly as bad as it was in high school but as I could tell, when I first began to break out as 16 was exactly the way I was starting to breakout a third time.

I tried many diets and other things I've seen online (e.g apple cider vinegar, green tea, honey, face masks, etc) and most of them didn't work at all. On a side note, quitting sweets such as chocolate and specially peanut worked WONDERS.

Anyway, I went to yet another derm (I lost count by now of how many dermatologists I went to ever since it all started) and he recommended me using retin-a. Retin-a, he says, has no significant side effects and is fit for long term use since the body won't create any kind of resistance to it. Which means, if it works for you as it is working for me, it might just be the end of your nightmare as well.

I've had bad, deep, cystic acne. Yea, retin-a apparently is that good if it can make it all go away... I've been using it for a short time but I have no reason to think it will stop working, specially because I stopped doing everything else I used to do in my routine to (try to) prevent my acne from coming back.

I had no reason to write this except for your benefit. This little background of mine served only for the purpose of providing you with an idea of the severity of my acne. Please consider using retin-a if you, like me, have tried many things and none of them worked!

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