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Acne scars - treatments. I saw a dermatologist today.

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I saw a dermatologist today and he suggested treating me with a fully ablative laser - erbium. He wants to treat me when I'm available, and then he wants to treat me AGAIN one month later with the same laser. Can fully ablative laser resurfacing be performed twice in the space of a month? He plans to (later) perform subcision and filler. Is this treatment plan safe? 

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No this is not correct. Can I ask the Dr?

You always do manual methods first - this works the best..., subcision and tca cross. Filler if needed. Then after several treatments when things have lifted as much as possible, Worry about resurfacing for texture. 

We don't Resurface the road before the pot holes are filled and leveled.

Laser is mainly for texture. 

Also never do procedures one month apart. The body does not heal like this. Look at any professional - in aesthetics. They say wait 3-6 months as the body is slow to heal and there are changes that occur.  I tell everyone 3 months apart for all treatments unless it's DIY at home. 


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Rather odd combination with respects to the doctor. Subcsion should be done first, both to test the amount of atrophy (you may NOT need fillers), as well as to release the bonds that hold your scars down. We can not comment as we do not know your scar type. Sure if you have uniform shallow box car scars, laser is the treatment of choice, but this would be a rare subtype and pattern for acne scarring. Additionally with collagen remodelling, waiting 3-4 months would be encouraged, exceptions apply. If you live locally to this Specialist, ethically the combination does not sound like its in your best interest. BA has all the answers covered. I wish you well, and please do your research on Specialists. You only have one face. 

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