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I'm new here, but i'm in desperate need of advice, and I just need to speak out about my experience suffering from acne.

See, like alot of you, i suffered with severe cystic acne. I lived with it for a year, and i had to go on Accutane to get rid of it, however it seems that the deep scarring and redness that results from such severe cases has barely changed my situation. Although many of you have also suffered from severe acne, I feel that after reading some threads on how acne has affected people, i realise that there is one thing that these people do not suffer from (at least to the extent that I do) and that is how horribly other people treat me.
Acne has impacted by social life dramatically. Ever since I had acne problems, everywhere I go people react to me with complete disgust and disrespect. I get dirty looks, and i get called disgusting and a freak all the time. Back in high school, when i first started suffering from acne, I was dubbed 'the disgusting kid' and I was continuously picked on, causing me to become severely depressed and suicidal. I had also lost all my friends and developed turbulent relationships with family members, all because of my skin. Having been so completely betrayed by everyone, i feel that even if I manage to get my skin as smooth and clear as it once was, I can never truly recover, as my ability to form normal relationships with people has been greatly and permanently stunted. 

Despite being treated like im not even human, what's odd is that I don't even have a single acne spot. I just have redness and ice pick scars + boxcar scars on my cheeks and temples. I tried to cover it with makeup for the first time (im a 19yo male) and that didn't even do anything; i still get the same reactions of disgust and contempt. I really just don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand what's so unique about my acne, and I don't know how to exactly fix the problem because i don't know what the real root of it is.

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Also, I want to say another thing for whoever is suffering from acne like i am.

Despite all the things i've gone through, i wouldn't take them back for the world. Through my experience, i've been able to make the greatest insights on life and what it means to be human, and spiritually, i've developed immensely. Only in the darkness do you realise your mistake of using your eyes as your compass. Suffering isn't all bad, as it allows for the grandest of personal growth you will ever have the opportunity for. Eventually, im sure our skin will get better to the point where we are no longer held prisoner for it, so it's important to remember that you are not defined by your skin; this is just a difficult part of life which will subside in time. 

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