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Has anyone had co2 laser treatment?

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Hello! I am considering getting co2 laser done on my acne scars. Long story short, I am a 26-year-old Asian male who had terrible cystic acne when I was 12, which I eventually cleared with the help of Accutane; I was left with a good amount of acne scars and have been wanting to complete the co2 treatment for years. 
Has anyone recently had this procedure done? I have heard that the downtime can range from 1 to 2 weeks when your face is at its reddest. However, would you be able to return to work or school comfortably? I really want to have this treatment done, but I am worried about the redness afterward. 

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Acne scar treatment is based upon your individual scars, not a device. I cannot give you a plan until I see a picture of your scars , scars make shadows (flashlight, or directional lighting). CO2 is normally not indicated for ethnic patients nor is it a solution by itself to scarring, There is not golden ticket. One must start with manual methods like subcision and tca cross before going into energy devices. IF you do not I have seen laser damage as the proper prep work has not been done. Other treatments like Picosure and rf needling are more indicated for your skin type. 

You will get redness with any treatment with your skin type, you must prep the skin with retin-a/tretinorin/differin and a konjac arbutin cream nightly (when not treating). You may also need a vascular lase like picosure. Asians trade scar work for hypergigmentation which is easier to treat if addressed. 


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I had regular CO2 done back around 1996, and found it useless - the same for dermabrasion.  Are you talking about fractionalized ablative CO2?  My recovery time was about 2 weeks for my first treatment. Subsequent treatments only took about a week.

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Follow BAs advice. Please look at your scar type and never go for a device, especially CO2. Your scars may indeed suit Co2, but in 99% of cases, you may have tethered, rolling or anchored scars, or even deep ice pick scars. Asians also have (in general) a thicker dermal layer, hence if you have scar attachments, they lie in your fat layer (mid fat to be exact). That is why subcision and manual scar release works to well. Many new Co2 lasers out there. A good acne scar expert will have 3-4 fractional Co2 devices, all with different power setting and most importantly FOCAL length. This enables to hit your scars at an angle. Asian scar types include box car scars, so hitting the wall and not the base of the scar will make a dramatic difference in your outcome. Wishing you well in your quest. 

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