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Red/brown marks on face

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Hi new to this website 
for about 4-5 years I have suffered from acne. Recently my active acne has slowed down (I think), but now I have these reddish/brown marks left over. Does anyone know what they are. D9B9D7F8-D99E-4D09-BDEA-A4945C0A7E0B.thumb.jpeg.0cc4c6ff8b87164686cf0ff3de88585a.jpeg843B81EB-FADE-4010-9FF5-5429A97030B8.thumb.jpeg.be0ac93da3dcc647d56a1cff8fcbb0e0.jpegE97CB933-8BF4-43D9-9A63-B7F2C52ED80D.thumb.jpeg.b5c7c2a7674751927d9a2f476968c376.jpeg4A602146-482A-4B93-B080-8CCEBC461952.thumb.jpeg.90ecf37f759b8eaf49203c90bc5725a1.jpegI’ve had these marks for about 1 year now as I’ve been told they’d go away, but is there anyway to speed it up. Thanks

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