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Anybody else's acne ~dramatically~ improve by living a shi**y lifestyle? My story.

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Literally. I went from this disaster (peep the Tazorac lathered onto my face):
to this:


I went through the worst depression of my life last winter. I stopped caring about everything, so that meant my two-hour long skincare routine and healthy vegetarian/low-dairy diet were no longer. In addition, I stopped taking all supplements, drinking a gallon of water per day, and going to the gym. Yes, I thought that terminating my extremely healthy lifestyle would evidently result in my skin getting even worse than it already was. (correction: I didn't think, I knew). And yes, at first it actually did... the initial breakout was pretty awful. However, my insecure self was pleasantly surprised when my acne began to clear as the weeks of sleeping in my makeup, eating pizza/mcdonalds every day, and lying in bed went on. I kid you not, my acne dramatically improved in a matter of three months.

Today, I still live a pretty shi**y lifestyle, but it makes me feel so freeee!!! I sleep in my makeup like 2x per week, and those nights when I do remove my makeup I use wipes. I use African Black Soap from Target when I shower, and I exfoliate once/twice per week. I don't take any supplements, I smoke on the weekends, I eat pretty unhealthily (ate an entire pizza today), the last time I had water was yesterday morning (I live for coffee & Gatorade LMAO).

Honestly, looking back, I tried so damn hard only to make my skin worse. I was soooooo anal about everything. My skin would only clear when I went to the beach and sat in the sun for hours. Does it anger me that I wasted tons of time and money? Yeah, I'm still pretty butthurt. Do I still break out? Yes, mostly around my period, but it's not nearly as bad as the first three pictures and it clears pretty quickly. Am I still oily? yes, haha. But at least my skin is comparable to the average person's, probably within one - one & 1/2 standard deviations from average.

Do I endorse a lifestyle as shi**y as mine? Absolutely not. Rather, I endorse a moderate lifestyle. Treat your skin like your normal friend with average skin does. Face wash once a day, minimal-to-no products (no Rx). Do you want that slice of cake? Eat that damn slice of cake. Do what makes you happy and don't stress yourself out!!! :)

Honestly, after all of this, I feel as if big pharma is putting us into a trap that keeps us coming back for more. They prescribe us drugs that get our minds/bodies reliant. Specifically, I believe that we become extremely dependent on acne prescriptions, even topical ones. They don't really treat the problem, they just mask it. They help the symptom (acne) until the real problem becomes used to the treatment, and then you need to up your dose, and even then you still get minimal results. This is why you get a really bad initial breakout when you stop using your scripts... the underlying cause of your acne is trying to fight your skin at the strength it was when you were using your medication (hope that makes sense...?)

Anyways, I'm not a scientist, this is just something that I've pondered... our bodies are smart (there are people who had 1/2 their brain removed and are THRIVING!). Trust your body. 

Good luck everybody :) 

DISCLAIMER: n=1. Don't take my words as facts, I am merely stating my observations from this longitudinal study conducted on myself (thus this may suffer from research bias). And yes, I am aware that this model may also suffer from omitted variable bias, and there may be other explanations as to why my skin cleared.

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I use to be like that. I slept in makeup honestly almost everyday, eat junk food, drink soda and alcohol and smoke cigarettes. My acne was never half as bad as it is now that I've eliminated certain things in my diet and I eat healthier than most (vegetarian). I know this post was made 3 months ago but I may do this now as I'm sick of the hard work and no payout.

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I couldn't agree more.  My shitty lifestyle somehow cleared my skin.  I used to try everything to make my acne go away.  Now I do nothing and it's pretty much gone.  Just have lots of scars left. Indented ones.  :(

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Not to condone an unhealthy lifestyle, but I'm glad you've found relief from your acne! You do you, girl :) Sounds like you've found your happy spot.

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On 10/23/2018 at 2:39 AM, nikkix3 said:

I use African Black Soap from Target

your before images are very similar to fungal acne and ive read african black soap can help treat that type of problem.

there is lots of different types and causes of acne.. imo there is no one cure for all.

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