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Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I've sought advice here but I really want to know people's opinions and whether anyone experiences the same thing as me. 

I am 25, suffered with mild/moderate acne since 13/14. It was definitely puberty. It was in the t-zone and just typical of teenage skin. At the age of 17 i used Zineryt which completely cleared me up. Acne came back worse after about 10 months and I've not been free from it since. Up until earlier this year I used 5% BP (acnecide). I stopped because it was bad for my skin and it clearly didn't help. I wanted to give my skin a chance to recoup. Perhaps I'd actually grown out of it naturally and BP was just irritating my skin. I used tea tree and jojoba oil and after a month, everything had gone down and I was instead left with small bumps across all my face. Bumps you wouldn't see unless you felt my face or caught it in certain lights. I work in a school and over the six week holiday I noticed these bumps drastically reduce and I was so happy with my skin. I finally told people that I thought I'd grown out of acne. After all, I wasn't using any medication anymore and my natural oils were coming back (jojoba definitely helped there!). 

But alas, as soon as I went back to work, I noticed I was getting oily skin again and my horrible sandpaper bumps began to invade my whole face. I'm an incredibly anxious person and I returned to a lot of stress and anxiety. I'm so sure that this skin flare up is a result of that!? I honestly can't think what else it would be. I've been consistent for the last 5 months, it had all cleared and you could actually notice all the freckles of my face! Then suddenly, I'm swamped with anxiety, already getting behind with work and my skin is paying for it. 

Do you guys think the same? Could this flare up be caused by anxiety and stress? Perhaps it is triggering an over-production of sebum? Or am I just forcing a reason. I'm just so exhausted of it all and now I'm stressed about my skin which is definitely going to make it worse haha. Everything was working so fantastic and now it's not.

Any advice would be fantastic. Or even ways to combat anxiety! It's all well and good trying to physically stop the worry in my stomach but it just doesn't work that way haha. What a world! 

Thank you in advance! 

**As you probably all know, the photos don't quite show how bad it is. This is the best I could get. I added a photo of how my skin looks in normal lighting, the bumps are nowhere to be seen (bar a couple of 'normal' spots) 


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