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Pitysporum folliculitis or Closed Comedones?

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Hi. Acne sufferer of 17 years here. Used all the topicals imaginable when I was younger, as well as all the antibiotics, and two rounds of accutane.

In 2016, I started getting what can only be described as flesh coloured bumps/pimples all over my jawline. They eventually cleared up on their own.

Sadly, they’ve now returned all over my cheeks and 100x worse (see picture). I tried using Nizoral shampoo thinking this could be fungal (pitysporum folliculitis), and whilst my skin always feels so much better immediately after use, it didn’t seem to be doing that much to them. That said, my benzoyl peroxide wasn’t working on them either, and neither were products with BHA, AHA, etc.

They started becoming really inflamed and cystic a few weeks ago. I went to my GP in a panic and he prescribed me Differin and Lymecycline. I’m nearly 3 weeks in, and whilst some of the inflammation has gone, there are now EVEN MORE bumps! everywhere! I’m torn between thinking this is an ib from the treatment... or if it’s because my acne is fungal and so the antibiotics are making it worse. I’m now at a complete loss as to what to do.

someone help please?


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