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P_20181019_172801_BF.thumb.jpg.b09414849372f0dab6e908b9b0d573d0.jpgP_20181019_172616_BF.thumb.jpg.23a26d5b8e4d1ed7619811455426f26b.jpgHi! (sorry for the disgusting pictures above)
I've had acne on my cheeks for at least a year now, not even a day of clear skin. They never ever go away, only once has my skin completely cleared up for a month maybe, two years ago, after a really harsh acne treatment, but then it broke out again and when I tried using the same regimen that helped me in the past, the improvement was not there. The acne hasn't moved a bit until then. I believe I have combination skin, with a very oily T zone, but the rest is normal. I'm currently using an acne cream (la roche duo acne cream), a moisturizer (avene) and a sensitive acne prone skin washing gel (la roche). I also put natural aloe vera gel on my face 2 days a week and use a moisturizing scrub every other day. I've been using this exact routine for the past six months and only little improvement can be seen on my T zone. I try not touching my skin, which has actually helped my T zone, but it's not helping for my cheeks. Sometimes I pop some zits, but they look just like the ones I don't even touch. They're not getting worse and neither better. I can't even tell which type of acne I have anymore, I just know that it's neverending. I do usually wear makeup, but there hasn't been a single day when I haven't properly washed my face. I even tried not wearing it for a whole month, and there has been 0 improvement. My diet is quite balanced, but I do drink a bit every day. I also tried cutting down on the alcohol for a week, still no improvement. Has anyone ever experienced this? How can you actually fight this type of acne, cause it takes a really big toll on my self esteem and I feel like it's only getting worse..

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First off I am not a dermatologist or a skin expert so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I think your skin looks irritated. Maybe use a really gentle face cleaner and then a moisturizer. I would maybe add benzoyl peroxide into the mix but this is a drying agent which may further irate your skin. You're skin i think could clear up pretty quickly as they are just little bumps and not large cystic like bumps that take forever to go away. Maybe talk to a dermatologist, I had acne similarly to this on my face. I was prescribed doxycycline and did the acne regimen ( washing face, applying benzoyl peroxide, applying moisturizer) and my skin cleared up over a months time. My best suggestion is to talk to a dermatologist they know best. Other than that your skin isn't that bad and I think the acne could go away fairly quickly. Hope this helps. 

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This looks like a severe case of dermatitis over typical acne. Nothing to be alarmed at, it's easier to clear this topically compared to acne. Maybe ask your doctor for a Corticosteroid cream. If it just began a year ago you need to try and figure out if there is something you're exposing yourself to or constantly coming in contact with to that makes it persist. It looks like an extreme Allergic Dermatitis or a Contact Dermatitis to me. 

Good luck 


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I want to help you because it sounds like we may have gone through a few of the same things. One thing that may be effecting your acne is your diet. Take a look at the things you eat and drink throughout the day. Try drinking a gallon of water every day and drinking only water. Sugary drinks and foods effected my skin heavily. Also if you drink or eat any dairy products, try taking a break from them. Dairy cows are treated with artificial hormones which can throw human hormone levels off significantly. Another key thing about our face is that it is very sensitive. I also had very oily skin and tried using a fragrance and oil free facial cleanser. It worked great but I started to see great results once I got a facial moisturizer with vitamin C or collagen. Another great stress reliever that could be a possible lead to your breakouts is the amount of exercise you are getting. Try excercising for 30 minutes a day and immediately after wash your face off with lukewarm water. This allows cell waste and toxins to escape your body. The number one is going to be your diet. Orange and yellow fruits vegetables are great for your skin so try digesting more of those. And once again try cutting out dairy products and saturated fat foods or drinks high in sugar. The second most important aspect is your skin routine. I used an exfoliating brush and this upped my game up heavily because it helped clean out all the toxins hiding in my pores. You also want to make sure your skin is hydrated so you want to get a skin sensitive facial moisturizer you apply after a facial cleanse. attached are the products I used that you can buy for cheap on Amazon. I really recommend trying these products and following the steps I told you above.
Vitamin C facial cleanser: [InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser]
Facial Cleansing brush: [ETEREAUTY Facial Brush]
Face moisturizer: [TruSkin Daily Facial Moisturizer]
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