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Reduce the chance of scarring after a big pimple

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I got a HUGE pimple like one month and a half ago. It has been healing well, but I want to take measures to reduce the risk of scarring. I don't mind the hyperpigmentation afterwards, but I care about avoiding a textured mark. So far I have been applying aloe vera during the day and vitamin C serum and Redermic Hyalu C (La Roche Posay) and Melamix Zo Medical at night. Would Mederma work or what would you recommend for prevention? 

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Do things that are anti-inflammatory. Injections of kenalog are best in huge zit situations to avoid scars. Your healing well you say. It will just take time... the skin is very slooooow to heal (months). You can try to occlude the area, ... a wet wound is a happy wound (vaseline, aquaphor, tripple antibiotic, etc). It looks like your using La Roche for this purpose. I would not use vitamin c on it early on as it is a acid until things settle down. Take it internally. Comfrey is healing, castor oil, and manuka honey. Mederma is a onion extract and not great for fresh wounds. Silicone patches is good but only after the wound has closed and healed to help with scars. Don't over treat it with too many things. 

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