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       Most people out there have acne that's nice enough to dry up on its own with or without acne treatment. A couple of years ago, I just started getting these ridiculously stubborn clogged pores that will never go away no matter what I put on my skin. Also, nothing can prevent them from forming. They are extremely deep and they become inflamed spontaneously. The plugs that I get are huge, solid plugs that are like splinters. People tell me not to squeeze them but if I don't squeeze them out, they will never go away. If they DO go away, they will become a painful abscess before going away, and this process can take months. I basically have to treat these things as if they're splinters!!! To make things worse, I keep getting more and more of these things no matter what I do. If I don't get them out, my face will be a bumpy and congested mess!!! This is why I call this the "messed up acne".

So here are the things that I've tried and the results:

  • Benzoyl peroxide:this was the first thing I tried and while it worked well for nuking puss-filled pimples, it did absolutely nothing to the deep solid plugs that I get.
  • Salicylic acid: It worked well but only the ones on the surface
  • Mandelic acid: same result as salicylic acid
  • Tretinoin: Seriously, I've given this thing many chances already. All it did was dry out my skin and caused more trouble. 
  • Sulfur: good, but not enough to prevent or treat the plugs.

My skin type:
  • Extremely oily, I'm, not talking about a little bit of shine. Oil is produced everywhere on my face and it is being produced 24/7. 
  • Somewhat sensitive, dries out quite a bit depending on what I use. 

So basically, what I'm trying to say is this sucks and HELP ME PLEASE. I get sad every time I have to injure my skin to remove the plug. I hate these plugs so much and I would like to know if any of you guys out there have the same issue as I do and how to deal with it. Accutane is not an option for clogged pores so please don't mention it. Thanks to the LionQueen, I know more about exfoliation (this is essential for people with clogged pores), but so far exfoliation just isn't enough. Too much exfoliation will severely dry out my skin and with the amount that I am using, I am just not getting the results that I desire. 


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Seems like you tried most commonly used treatments for acne without any major success. Two things that popped up in my head while I was reading your post was supplement and diet. It is probably not going to end your acne but I have found it really helpful. I would recommend you tolook in to zinc and vitamin b5/panthotenic acid. I would also start drinking some green and rooibos tea. 

Also, what is your diet like? Diet can play a major role in your skin condition.

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Hi and thanks for the diet recommendation. There was a time where I was pretty strict with my diet. However, the results were not noticeable to me and it could just be a placebo effect. I've also tried taking supplements which didn't do much either. As of right now, I pretty much eat whatever I want. I can't exactly avoid eating foods like pizza, chicken nuggets, or potato wedges because that's the type of food my school serves for lunch (funny how the school supports a well-balanced and healthy diet but serves extremely unhealthy food to students LOL). Also, I eat out every once a week or so at fast food places. I do try my best to make sure my diet is good. For example, instead of eating chips, I would have some berries or slices of apples when I'm watching TV or something. I'm Vietnamese so rice will always be the main component of my diet. My parents always make healthy food so I don't worry too much about that. SOOOO, I don't think diet is the cause here.  

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