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hi! i am new here. i have a HORRIBLE CASE of acne due to PCOS and nothing seems to work. i just started on birth control pills for my PCOS and hopefully it will work on my acne as well. and recently, i have started using BENZOYL PEROXIDE (BENZAC AC 5%). it has been a week and a half and yea, it helps dry out my pimples (but there are still new popping pimples) and i am grateful because the situation has improved even for a bit. but it really makes my skin dry but nothing that couldnt be helped with moisturizer. 

but then i woke up this morning and my face is itchy all over and the areas i put BP on was MAD RED. really really red. nothing like this happened before but the previous night i might have put on a little too much of BP on my skin. i am worried. and scared. i just want my pimples to disappear. will this pass? should i stop completely or should i just wait for my skin to calm down?



ive put on moisturizer on the pic thats why my skin looks shiny. i got lots of acne marks. its kind of depressing when i see my face in the mirror. i used to be acne free. my college friends were so jealous asking what i do. i dont have a routine before, i just was my face morning and night. then this blasted PCOS came. i cant do anything but sigh. 


thanks for those who will read and reply. 

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I hope you recover well. Have you consider changing your diet routine? If not then please do change, avoid dairy and greasy food it will decrease your inflammation and do wear spf when you go out (with zinc and the one which doesn't clog pores) I hope this helped

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