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megadose vitamin c, ~30 grams daily

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Taking around 20-30 grams daily of vitamin C has done wonders to clear up skin and even reduce pores.  Granted, this is a lot of vitamin C, but it works and the megadose of C really doesn't do any harm.  I've been on this dose over a year now.  I also take a basic multivitamin, a B-complex vitamin, and a low dose vitamin E supplement.

For others, the amount of vitamin C needed may be less, but this is what works in my case.

If you are going to try this, I recommend getting the powder form of ascorbic acid and mixing with juice.  I buy bulk amounts of both ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate and usually mix the 2 together with juice or water.  I typically take about 5 grams of C five of six times a day.  For purposes of convenience, I also recommend having the 1 gram vitamin C capsules available which are available in bulk as well.

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Vitamin C is not an Ascorbic Acid:

This is how natural vitamin C is under electron microscope:


And this is Ascorbic acid under electron microscope:


And this is the picture of potential Kirlian Picture:

(Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges)


Vitamins inside the body work in a synchronistic system. 
Meaning that they need aminos, other vitamins and everything else, to work.

So what I am trying to show is that Ascorbic Acid is just an extract and has smaller potential than real food natural Vitamin C.

+ You will only need to get a fraction of the natural Vitamin C compered to the dosage of Ascorbic Acid to get the same benefits. 

- As fruits have a lot of sugar, I suggest my customers to get vitamin C from a squeezed half/full Lime & Lemon in a glass of water. From foods - Broccoli. 

Hope this helps for someone!   Edited by retsroberts

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