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Accutane Journey + Spironolactone blogged

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I was on Spironolactone 75mg for almost a month, Minocycline 65 and Adapelene. I didn't have IB on it. My jawline acne is very much in control. I am very much happy about it, otherwise I would have got scarring. still have hyperpigmentation to deal with :(.
But I was still having zits here and there on cheeks, forehead everyday. My oiliness was very much reduced though. So I have started Isotretinoin 10mg 3 days ago.
Right now I am on Spironolaction75 (25 after breakfast, 50 after dinner) and Isotretinoin 10 both. Taking Ascazin (zinc supplement) as well for 3 months. Just stopped Mino as I am starting Accutane.
Dryness is still the same like it used to be with spironolactone. Not too dry, very much manageable. I cannot feel any difference/side effects yet.
I am going to blog my Accutane/Isotretinoin journey here.
Day 1 - Taken first medicine.
Day 2 - 1 zit/pimple on forehead. 
Day 3 - The one on forehead went away, new zit on cheek, looks like might come with whitehead.
Does not look like IB though. Will keep on updating.

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Day 4 - old zits went away. one new zit.
Day 5 - skin looks normal, not oily, I am not facing any side effects till now.
Day 6 - 2 new whiteheads, looks like because of the makeup. otherwise all good.

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Day 7-14: This is my last day on Isotretinoin 10mg. Completed Week 2 on Accutane. I am going to start Isotretinoin 20mg tomorrow. 20 mg is to be continued for next couple of months.
I do not have dry skin yet. Looks like my skin is normal right now. I have 7 zits on cheeks though which is bad :(.
I do not know if it IB or PMS. My diet was not healthy last week also. So I am not sure. 
But my dermatologist did tell that my acne may get worse after a week or two on accutane. I won't call the current state worse. It is similar to what I had earlier. 
No major side effects till now, only the lips are dry. Still continuing Spironolactone 75 a day along with Accutane. Spironolactone has been great for keeping my jawline, chin acne at bay, but it didn't cure my cheeks acne, maybe because the cheeks acne is not hormonal.
I used to breakout crazily everyday along my jawline. I am on Spironolactone for a month. My jawline is totally clear. 
I will update after a week.

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Week3: 3rd week on Accutane isn't over yet, but I am so excited that I had to write it down today.
I have only one zit on my entire face right now which never happened in last 4 months. This is so amazing :). I visited my doctor with 30 zits/pimples on face couple of months ago, 5-6 new zits (cystic acne) used to pop up everyday.
I don't know whether there will be IB after this or not. Although I had few zits popping up here and there after starting Accutane, I am not sure if that is IB or normal one. It was totally manageable, nothing worse.
Medication continuing Isotretinoin 20mg + Spironolactone 75mg
Side effect: Dry lips
Everything else seems fine. See ya after a week :).

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Hey! No he didn't tell me exact months, but he did tell once that it will be like 8-10 months. I think it's gonna be based on my dosage. Since I am on 20mg now, I believe this is going to take long like 8-9 months maybe.

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Completed Week4 i.e, one Month on Accutane (2 weeks on 10 mg, 2 weeks on 20mg). 
I don't think that I had an Initial Breakout phase.

Had total 3 zits in 2 weeks, which used to like about 7-8 zits in 2 weeks when I started Accutane.
No active pimple currently. I had a big zit 4 days ago, it is not active anymore. No new zit at this moment.
Face looks clear :). Note I am taking Spironolactone75 mg (25mg after breakfast, 50mg after dinner) as well for my jawline, chin, forehead acne. No new zit along the jawline, chin, forehead for a month. Now I only get zit on the cheeks, still getting some clogged pores there which I believe Accutane is going to take care of :).
Face is not oily any more, but not dry like crazy also, feels like little bit dry than normal which is manageable.
Good part is atleast my skin texture is not bumpy now, so I can apply makeup flawlessly except one or two zits sometimes on cheeks.

Side effect:
Peeling lips. I am using Glycerin and a lip balm for that. 

No major side effect other than lips.
I am supposed to continue Isotretinoin20mg and Spironolactone75 this whole month (November).
I will update after a week :). 

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Week 5 Completed.

Currently have 2 active zits. Continuing 20mg Isotretinoin and Spironolactone 75.
I mostly want to talk about the side effects in this post.
This week have been crazy for me. I got my period twice. Not sure if that is for spironolactone or accutane.
Having bad neck stiffness and pain. Can't move my neck properly. It is severe when I wake up in the morning because I take accutane at night. It really hurts badly when I move my neck and wake up from leaning on bed. I am unable go to work today, it even hurts on my neck and shoulder when I sneeze. Seems like I will become bedridden if I continue this for another couple of weeks or month. 

I really can't handle this much pain for the next 7-8 months. So I have booked an appointment with the doctor to check if this is due to accutane.

Update: I called my doctor, he said to stop Accutane now and given some tests that detects Bone density and tests if I am prone to diseases like spondylitis or arthritis.
My next visit is Sunday. I am feeling helpless :(. Don't know how will my acne be cured without Accutane.

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Update on side effect: I skipped Accutane yesterday night.
My neck pain/stiffness is lot less today. I can move my arm without pain.
What a dangerous drug it is!!! I would rather have acne than become bedridden. 

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Week 6 Completed:

Before I talk about how the week go on acne part, let me back up a step. So I was having this neck pain and I skipped the medicine for a day. After getting the blood test done, turns out I have Vitamin D deficiency which is why I was having neck pain/stiffness. My doctor prescribed me Vitamin D medicine along with Accutane 20. My neck pain is not severe now.

Acne update: The last 2 zits I wrote in the previous post are now gone. I don't have any new zit yet for last 3-4 days. My skin isn't super dry, it's not oily either, I can call it a normal to dry skin now maybe.

Side effect: Chapped dry lips. 

See you all after a week :). 


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Completed Week 7:

Well I thought this week would be zits less except a new zit popped up yesterday. But not a big deal as the zit is small, less inflamed and less painful than it used to be. So I am happy about that. Overall my skin was fine through out the week. I do use an Ayurvedic Organic Sandalwood Toner (Glycerin and Water based) which helps to keep my skin toned (helps with dry skin) and hydrated before I apply water based face cream (ACNEMOIST Cream). It seems that the acne marks/spots are getting lighter now. 

Impression: One zit in a week which hasn't happened before :). So glad that I can see Accutane and Spironolactone are already working.

Also I have lost body weight by 4 KGs with Low Carb diet, I think that helps with hormonal cystic acne I used to have all over my face.

Side effect: No side effect except dry lips.  

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Completed Week 8:

I have mixed feeling about this week. Got 2 zits in this week. So total 3 zits in last 2 weeks. I have been drinking black coffee lately, maybe that's what triggered them. Also I was drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for last 20 days, my dermatologist told to stop it as it is a product formed with fermentation. Any fermented product should be avoided as it has yeast in it which triggers acne. He said I should have no acne at this moment, but I still have. So I will need to avoid those. Also he does not want to increase dose as he wants me to get accustomed with right diet. I believe I should take a second opinion from another doctor to see if my dosage is correct. I am little bit confused here. I really thought I would be totally clear in 2 months :(. But at the same time I have been eating junk lately for last 2-3 weeks. I should try avoiding it even if I am on accutane. So I will give it 2 more weeks with right diet.

Side effect: Dry lips.

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Hi there!

It's been two months since my last post. I am writing an update on accutane and spironolactone for the last 2 months. I am still on same dosage and same medicines I've mentioned before.

In December I got 3 zits which is mostly in the first half of December. From the second half December until now, I did not have a single zit/pimple on my face or anywhere else. So it's been one and half month that I am fully acne free. The acne marks/spots have become a lot lighter. I am very happy with the result :-). I am so happy that I do not have Acne stress anymore. My skin appears to be flawless now, no clogged pores, no blackheads nothing!

For Make up I am using Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation/Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Nourishing Foundation and Mac Studio Fix 24Hr Concealer. My skin looks really flawless with it :). 

I am on low carb diet now. I have lost 13 pounds through out the acne medication journey. Gotta lose 8 pounds more. I cheat 5-6 times a month.

As for side effect I only have Dry lips, interestingly I do not have any dry skin issue, I would call my skin normal right now, no oil. All my blood test results came out fine. 

I will update after a month :).

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