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Sad :( acne scars ruining my confidence

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My skin has finally cleared up and I’m left with horrible unsightly scaring all over my cheeks. I believe they’re mostly boxcar and ice pick, with only a few rolling. They are ruining my confidence, and I’m obsessed with researching acne scar revision, desperate for some hope. I live in South Florida, and can’t find any doctors that I would trust with my skin. If any one has any personal recommendations for doctors and types of treatment that would be successful for my skin, that would be greatly appreciated. I’m attaching some pics, I’m wearing makeup in first 4 of them and no makeup in last 3. (I actually am breaking out a little which you can see in last photos but my biggest concern is the scars).B6BB543D-F598-47DB-AE71-E9049B463571.thumb.jpeg.71c251d7f3d24404cd725da4ba0a4b6f.jpeg64F6D3AE-FC95-491E-8D8D-3D21A28A5ECA.thumb.jpeg.abf5cb3ee2b45f73e34bad327ba4d247.jpeg70560B9A-477B-4B0D-A4C2-FAEAB793299F.thumb.jpeg.bbeb901fecac3e7a5721db312a2ef9b1.jpeg8E03B47B-D8EC-4D45-8B31-A894869D452D.thumb.jpeg.81cc75af5ec794b6377d04ee46b0eeaa.jpeg473DA81B-A8CF-4D7F-B2BE-FD193E8A37E0.thumb.jpeg.dfa605141a2ede3c17e8f3a5c2c85a77.jpegF81AF8CE-D106-4DC6-98E4-5E0F9ADF84AD.thumb.jpeg.b5cecfd4ee5520dd4142bcbcce488521.jpegB328F57F-4FD7-4E93-8D5B-29EDB31CF56B.thumb.jpeg.0340268a641257ca15ecb3c25973b291.jpeg

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Hi there, You have PIE or redness wounding post acne, ****boxcars, rolling scars and icepicks.

I want you to consult with 2 Drs since your in FL. Dr Steven Weiner and Dr Sandove does fat grafting and is a plastic surgeon specifically for Acne Scars.

Ok for my recommendations, they may not follow them so be aware of this. This is a general guide of what I know works, even if you goto multiple practitioners.

The biggest issue I see is PIE, redness and active acne. Please get this under control before you treat or you will spread bacteria. Low dose Accutane, Photofacials, hollywood laser peels, hydropeels are cheep and effective to clean things out, Spiro is a drug for hormonal acne. 

While you could use some filler, ... there is no major fat loss, perhaps Weiner is better. Of course I could be wrong as the pics do not show shadows (fat loss and the scars depth). Subcisions are necessary though!

Subcision and (possibly) filler is very important for you!

Yes you always want to do manual methods first for acne scars before going to energy device.

In your case subcision and filler if needed (4 sessions) spread out far enough so you only top up as needed (more filler - when it runs out).

In between you will do your TCA Cross for icepicks or paint / spot peels inside of the box cars (TCA). You have lots of box cars. Please have them treated with paint on / spot peels (acid only to the floor of the boxcar), see the FAQ- top post of this main sub, first post, tca section, mega link, paint on for info.

You would do rf needling between the subcisions.

For boxcars you need angled co2 laser only to the sharp box car border to soften them. RF needling also works to shrink the pores and raise boxcars. 

Space things out, ... this is a marathon not a race. Treat as you have time and money. The body heals very slow. Allow 3 months of healing time between treatments or longer. Some treat over 3 years. See what you do well with. Everything is optional. 

Finally you finish off with multiple tca peels, or fully ablative erbium resurfacing.

Nightly use tretinorin/ differin cream for PIE and cell turnover.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience, due to Dr Lim's endorsement of this forum we have massive new traffic, it may take me 24-hrs to get back to you.


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Your scars really aren't that bad.  Even in that horrible angled lighting your scars are hardly noticeable.   I second what beautiful ambition said.  In my experience Dr Sadove is great.  Also I notice you have one or two deeper scars that are isolated you can ask him about excisions because he is very good at those.

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