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Hi ! I have different kind of acne scars (atrophic, box car, rolling) and 2 clinics offer me 2 different option:

First clinic: 6 sessions of Fractora + fillers

Second clinic: 2 sessions of Fraxel Repair + subcision

I am a bit lost in these options and would like your advice about the efficiency of both treatments.

Thank you so much ! 

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I am a huge advocate of Fraxel Repair, but it must be done at a high megajoule.  You are talking about actual ablation versus RF.  Don't listen to any reviews of Fraxel unless the reviewer says Fraxel Repair.  Only Fraxel Repair works, and what most people call Fraxel is not actually Fraxel Repair, but Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Dual.  I am not impressed at all by what I read about Fractora. 

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Laser is not the answer to acne scarring. Manual methods are much more beneficial to a acne scar suffer. I have helped thousands here. Laser is a tool,... as a scalpel is a tool to a surgeon. That is the most important thing someone who is qualified to help with your specific scar issue. Everyone is different, no one size fit's all.

I would not do Fractora.

I would just goto clinic two and make them do 3-4 subcisions if you have atrophic pits form scarring. Please space them out 3 months. Proper healing time and reflection is very important. Tell the clinic "no" about Fraxel laser until you have seen how you heal and the improvement you get, ... then consider laser as needed. RF needling is also very effective.

I can provide you a customized plan for your scarring, ... scars are never one and done, ... never one size fit's all. Please post a picture of your scarring or PM me, scars make shadows, use a flashlight or directional lighting and I will give you a plan. One does not need to goto one practitioner or clinic alone for treatments. 

Please be patient and allow 24-hrs., Due to Dr Lim's recent endorsement of this forum and heavy traffic we are overwhelmed with PM's and new poster. I am trying to help everyone.

Thank You,


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Please listen to BA, Fraxel RePair is not a good laser for acne scars. Pulse stacking is not good. This laser can be used for skin rejuvenation - great with density coverage, but does not go deep enough. Fractora is better however this should be used as an instrument in the management of your scar type. It will improve general scars, but manual methods of subcsion, TCA if needed, and focused energy devices will give you optimal results. NEVER GO FOR PACKAGE TREATMENTS. Why? Because scars will morph with treatments. Think about things logically- the first one or two treatments maybe effective. The scars remaining will be resistant as if these attachments to the fat septa are superficial they will be gone in the first 2 sessions, hence the last 4 sessions you will have minimal gain. A good specialist will NEVER give you a set package plan, but adapt treatments to the remains scars. Best advice I can give anyone. NEVER EVER FALL FOR PACKAGES, think it though logically. One MUST adapt to the persist scars. 

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