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My thoughts and experiences with acne

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In a roundabout way i have had severe acne since the age of 14(i am now 19). I have tried many antibiotics(oral) and topical medications, and from my experiences, the ones that have actually caused the most dried skin effects(even to the point of burning sensation like melting whne you go in the shower) have worked and have allmost solved my acne problems in the past. Allthough these solutions work i tend not to use them anymore due to the extreme discouraging effects and discomfort related with them.

I have throughout the years experimented and have come to the following conclusions of what can in fact clean my acne entirely, these i hope by me sharing them will help some of you and i URGE you all to try some of them:

Let me start off by saying food may seem like a contributing factor to acne, allthough their is no scientific evidence. That in turn leads me to believe not only through philosophy but through my own experiences that food DOES effect acne, but not by consumption, more by hygene. I personally LOVE Salami( Me, being Italian, it is in my nature) for those of you who dont know what it is, it is a cured meat(colecut) with heavy saturated salts (used for the drying process of the meat) that looks somewhat raw, and is VERY HEAVY in fats, so much so that if you touch it, you can wipe your hands on anything and see greese marks on it for days on end. My point is, after eating food, i have learnt that mysteriouslly the foods i think effect my acne no longer effect my acne if i IMMIDIATELY wash my hands after consumption. This in turn leads me to believe that the consumption of the food does not effect your acne, it is the effect of having that food on your body(which can clog pores, cause your body to errupt due to its natural reaction of trying to get the materials out)

Also, i have learnt, once entirely clean of acne(yes it has happened to me numerous times) it is harder in fact to get acne again, why do i get acne again? Simply because when i think its all over, i dont commit to my rutine and think everything will be ok. Rutine must allways be kept.

What works for me most:


Personally, no matter what i use, my body will get immune to it, so my stratigy i use is to switch between these products on a DAILY basis:

-Nutrogena night time pre clarifiing gel with 5% benzol peroxide

(usually i put this on at night, right after i shave, wash my face with tee tree oil scrub, the shaving helps to open up my pores, the tee tree oil helps to kill bacteria and heal, and the neutrogena seems to infact reduce pimple usully by 50% sometimes in only 1 night)

-Forget the name but it is an all natural scar cream, it contains very rare vitamins that are extracted into the cream and it does infact reduce redness/purpleness substantially


(on some nights, not often, i sit down with a small piece of toilet paper soaked in rubbing alcohol and hold it on the effected area for up to a maximum of 1 hour, it usually helps quite fast, but is not at all reccomended to be used more than once a week, it can be damaging to the healing process.)

-Tee Tree Oil

You can buy tee tree oil in extract from your local health food store, it is a VERY potent chemical extract from a plant and is 100% natural, it has been used for centuries in the healing of wounds and pritty much any skin problems( i even used it for athletes food when i was a child and it worked wonders)

From my experience tee tree oil is great for your acne, i recently purchased a 100% all natural face wash that is tee tree oil and it works WONDERS for my skin, not only do i feel smoother than a baby's ass, but it opens pores up nice.


This is by far a great solution to acne(specifically and especially for cysts, this is BY FAR THE BEST SOLUTION TO GET RID OF CYSTS, it is based on the effect of Osmosis, i cant give an exact definition of what it is, but in a round-about way salt can extract things and it has been used for centures aswell, it is also a preservative and works by absorbing.

What i do is make a bath, put TONES of it in the bath, and sit their for a good hour or 2 in allmost BOILING water, this seems to help extract the bacteria from any effected areas, for your face you can simply just heat up a very low bowl of water with 90% epson salt contained in it, add a couple of tee tree oil drops and your set!

Leave it on your face for as long as possible!


( i have only tried this once, i am thinking of fully doing it for 1 month, and i am guarenteed to have no acne, as only 2 weeks has previouslly done it for me, this i believe also is due to the UV rays actually mutating your skin, and actually permanentlly KILLING the bacteria, UV rays have been used in the past to cure allmost any type of leision, or abnormality, allthough instable, it can work for the better or worse, i guess it just depends on your body, mine personally, this is the dream solution)

I know this is a very controercial issue but from my experiences this is by far the best way for me to clear up acne, if i go into a tanning bed for 15 mins, 4 times throughout 2 weeks, my entire acne will go away for a VERY LONG TIME, this i believe is due to the blue light contained in the UV rays, i believe you can get the most amount of highly intensified blue light from a tanning bed, allthough this in turn may prevoke cancer or increase its chances, i personally believe stress has allot to do with health and it is proven, even the healthyest person who eats healthy and excersizes on a regular rutine can in fact be unhealthy do to stress, stress in turn makes your immune system go down which is the central "computer" to your body, if your immune system is down your initially open to anything, and in fact that is the only time a desease actually starts.

If feeling great about yourself improves your stress situation, by all means i personally believe do what you gotta do to eliminate stress, in the end, you will be better off, even if you were exposed to harmful UV rays from the tanning beds, your immune system will be in a better state then if you didnt use the beds and in fact the stress relief out-weighs the potential cancer, because if you have a healthyer immune system, your body is less likely to get cancer in the first place!

Now if you are like me, a highly depressive person, so much so it effects your every day life due to your acne problems, so much so you would give every dollar you have to stop your acne problem, i urge you to use this method if it works for u as much as it does for me, id rather have a happy life then a horrible life, even if it means by chance of getting cancer, this is the only dream i personally have, to have no acne.

More to add later, im tired of typing~!

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