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Whats the best treatment for these scars?

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What would these scars be classified as? (According to the FAQ I believe they are boxcar.) What is the most effective course of action to decrease scarring?

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Thank you for your patience. Due to Dr Lim's Endorsement of this forum we have higher traffic than normal. Response will be 24-hrs. 

You were right, mainly box cars with icepicks.

You need several sessions of TCA Cross and paint on also called spot peels (3 layers to only the floor) of each box car and that long linear scar. This will take several sessions.

Subcision (a few sesisons), filler may be needed, hard to tell without seeing the shadow of the scars.  Space them out and allow time to heal. 

I would do angled co2 to the box cars 3-7% density at the highest power. We need to soften the transition on the box cars. Many providers do not know to angle the laser for this or rf microneedling, depending on what is available.

I would do a few acid peels by someone familiar with your skin type.

Picosure would be appropriate for discoloration and collagen growth.

Treat as you have time and money, scar work is never quick it's a marathon, ... allow 3 months minimum between treatments, many treat over 3 years. Everything is optional. 

Use retin-a/differin/ or tretinorin nightly and a konjac and arbutin cream. This prevents discoloration and makes cell turnover. 

I Want you to buy a dermastamp or derminator and stamp only the scars between Dr performed treatments. 
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