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Difference between Estroblock/DHT Block and Spironolactone?

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Hello everyone. :) I was wondering what was the difference between the effects of Spiro and Estroblock (and/or other similar "holistic" alternative, DHT Block etc.), and I decided to ask here since I couldn't find any answer to my question online.
- Can something like Estroblock/DHT Block help with PCOS acne?
- If Spiro works for someone (by decreasing androgens, and oily skin etc.), will Estroblock work the same way?

I have been on Spiro for some time and while I *FINALLY* see results, I'm also scared of having to be on it forever (I'm only 21 years old).

Thanks for reading this. Hope you guys stay/get clear!

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Estroblock blocks estrogen, and for most hormonal acne it is androgens, not estrogen which are the culprit.  Estrogen is actually helpful in most people for acne, since it opposes the action of androgens.  I know there are reviewers on Amazon saying Estroblock cured their acne, but I am skeptical.  If Estroblock does what it says, it would have the opposite effect of spironolactone.  What you need is to curtail androgen, which is what spironolactone does.

I am 62 years old and I've been on spiro on and off for over 30 years with no adverse affects.  If you search the studies on PubMed about spiro, you will see that it is actually a rather benign medication.  The other thing is, if Estroblock were to work for your acne, why would you assume it's any safer than spiro?  If something is changing your hormones it doesn't matter whether or not it is a pharmaceutical drug or a "natural" product.  What matters if there have been scientific, double-blind studies done on the product, and I mean studies done by people who aren't paid by the company. The studies are there for spiro, and I think nonexistent for the other.

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