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Practitioner's List: That Do Subcision / TCA Cross (Manual Methods) Mirrored In Acne Scar FAQ

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Please post here any international practitioner(s) you have "seen" or heard of that are not on the FAQ referenced list below.

They must do manual acne scar work like Subcision, TCA Cross, etc. 


List is found at the bottom of the FAQ - Link below.


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Sorry to say that, but: Dr. Claus Jung in Munich, Germany is absolutely a bad doctor. Saw him in a consultation and all he offers was his fractional laser. Just all about the money in his office :) If I were you, I would remove him again from the list :)

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On 10/10/2018 at 6:30 PM, beautifulambition said:

@Noa27 @keving100 Do you guys have more practitioners to add to the list or thoughts?????

Dr Luc Louis Huysmans did 4 of my subcisions. Didn't use different lights, didn't examine the scars. Did subcision with an cannula I guess. Needless to say, there was no improvement. I went to see Emil and after he examined my scars he also came to the conclusion that the subcisions  were not done right. 

I went to see Dr Loek Habbema for a consultation, but he didn't wanted to do my whole face (don't know why), but he said he could subcise my deepest and largest scar and fill it. That would cost me 650 euro, that is just ridiculous. That is more expensive than Novick :D

These doctors are maybe good at other procedures, but imo not for subcision.  

I'd also like to mention that kveg in Amsterdam also do subcision. When I was there for a consultation, the dr said I have the wrong scars for subcision. Subcision was used for icepicks so he said...  I also find the doctor not friendly and all in for the money. He said that lasers are fixing the problem :') So avoid kveg also.

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I'd add Dr. Adrian in Washington, DC. He has been treating my mixed scars for several months. He is very patient, discusses all the possible treatment options, and uses both side lighting and standardized photography with a visia device during consultations. He's not a huge social media guy and he thinks its funny how many people love the 'top 1%' doctors on here given how clearly they use differential lighting in the 'before and afters' (he will even do it for you and show you how they do it). He says don't trust anybody that doens't use a standardized photography device for their photos. Anyways he does all the non 'device stuff'  like nokor subcision, TCA cross, filler and has every device known to man (RF Microneedling, Fraxel, Erbium, Fractional CO2, Pulsed Dye laser). He has eclipse PRP but says that PRP is a scam to make everything else more expensive and that there is zero evidence it helps with anything, so he doesn't push it or even really recommend it except as a wound dressing after some more invasive procedures. Anyways he's one of the most honest doctors i've ever met, and he is also very reasonable compared to some of the celebrity doctors that this site promotes, and he doesn't even charge for consultations. His website is www.lasersurgery.com. Highly recommended if you are in the area. 

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PRP is a scam.  A good doctor will always tell you, and this is a test for ethics- ask them this question " Will PRP help me achieve better scar results?'

Ethical answer- No it 
won't, it will only improve the healing time by 1-2 days.

Upsell answer- Yes, it has many growth factors and will help your acne scarring. WE do this with every procedure.

Do your own research (medical not ads) and you will see. Lookup the recent video by Lim called PRP that addresses the point of PRP in the context of acne scarring based upon medical papers and his experience. Don't fall for the up sell of many doctors Internationally about grow factors, EGF, TGFs and PRP - do your research or they will sell you as much as they can. Be warned. It happens everywhere from LA to Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. Acne scar treatment is so commercialised it makes me sick. IT s medical not cosmetic. 



Ireland has a great reputation for World Class dermatologist like Dr Tony Egan who trained in Utah and Dr Gillian Murphy who trained in Medical photobiology in London, however they lack procedural dermatologist who are trained in experts in acne scarring. Prof Tony Chu is the man to see in UK- ethical, compassionate and skilled. Other experts like Dr Nick Lowe and Dr Griffiths took the path of least resistance, namely aesthetics. Here in lies the truth... good procedural dermatologist can either take the easy way out, fillers , Botox and aesthetics and earn $3000 USD for a PREDICTABLE easy out come, 20 minutes .....or spend double the time and earn half as much helping acne scar patients... dealing with psych concerns and the occasional nutter with body dimorphic syndrome. For the compassionate Dermatologist like Chu and others, they have the skill sets to treat aesthetics but choose the pathway to help people. Kudos to these dedicated experts. 

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Do we just post anyone who does these procedures?

In my search for scars treatments I run across quite a few in Europe who do subcision, TCA cross, punch elevations etc. I have no idea if most of them are good though.

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I'll just post names and countries they're from, anyone who's interested can just Google them for contact info.

Luca Siliprandi, Padova (punch elevations)
Giovanni Salti, Firenze (subcision)
Skindoctors Center,Trieste (subcision)
Vito Abrusci, Milano (subcision, said he does punch excisions too)

Dan Lazar, Satu Mare (subcision)

Stellakliniken, Stockholm (subcision, they also told me they do punch grafts/excisions)

Darius Alamouti, Herne (subcision)

Yves Laudoyer, Nice (punch excisions/elevations)
Jean Arouete,Paris (punch elevations)

Daniel Fuchs, Zurich (punch elevations)

Ceulen Huidkliniek, Helmond (punch excisions)

Michel Bernard, Brussels (subcision/punch excisions)

That's it for now. Will post more if I find some, I sent hundreds of emails lol
Again, I have to say, I do not know how good they are, but they told me over email that they perform these procedures.

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Also in Paris:
Pierre Alain Mayeux,(subcision, excisions, TCA cross)
And Michel Bernard does TCA cross too, forgot to add.

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Just letting you know that your information about Dr. Payman Kosari is incorrect. He is not/was not located in Toronto, or even Canada for that matter. He’s located in Charlotte, NC.
Also, he’s a board-certified dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon.
He definitely offers subcision as one of his treatment options.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 

Dr. Kucy Pon

Sunnybrook Dermatology (Cosmetic) 

I was able to get referred to her cosmetic clinic, request specifically TCA-cross and I've had success with her. 



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I have already mentioned Dr.Bernard in Brussels. I asked him about Sub and tca, he did not suggest it and recommended CO2 saying it might bring 30% improvement if it works.

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@Tight Pick I have some in the FAQ and here is one to add below, as you see above there is a link, goto the bottom and find Chicago. 


Dr Cynthia Abban
United States, Illinois, Gurnee
Specialty: subcision, laser dermatology, acid peels, fillers, special interest in treating ethnic skin / skin of color



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