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I was wondering if anyone has been through the same thing and could help.

I’ve never had great skin, and as a teenager always had mild acne, but once I got to 18 it evened out to the point where it had minimal impact on my everyday life.

I’m 24 now, and around May/June my skin got so bad - moderate to severe acne - on areas of my face I’d never got spots before - with big painful cysts. 

I went to my doctor and was prescribed Epiduo which I eagerly used too much off and ended up with a chemical burn on my face. (I think almost anyone who has used this has done the same) It was so painful I couldn’t even wash my face. 

I slowly figured out how to use Epiduo best - every other night to get used to it - only a tiny amount - and eliminating all other harsh products from my regime. I’m now using it every night and using Avene cicalfate cream on areas that get dry or irritated.

I’ve now been using Epiduo for two months and two weeks ago I was also prescribed an oral antibiotic to take alongside it.

Currently my skin is terrible. I have been getting more breakouts instead of less, some areas of my face are extremely dry and painful whilst my t-zone is suddenly really greasy and oily which I’ve never had before. Also my scars and hyperpigmintation are dark and obvious regardless of any make up I put on to cover it.

I started a new job two weeks ago too, Thinking if I was occupied and busy I would not have as much time to obsess over my skin and get depressed. But it has done the opposite I now feel anxious and panicky - have no idea how to get out of the job as I doubt anyone would understand the extreme impact my skin is having on me. It’s a really high pressure job in a law firm - and I’m guessing the stress may also be adding to my skin. And then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and feel sick. I then feel so angry and frustrated and hate myself. And he spots hurt so even if I avoid all reflections I can feel them all day - with some of them giving me headaches. 

I have a blood test tomorrow to test for PCOS and my doctor said if I have it there will be more treatment options and it may explain my mental health difficulties. My worry is the test will be negative and I’m stuck with what I’ve got.

If nothing works soon I don’t know what I’m going to do. I keep thinking about hurting myself and suicide (several times everyday) perhaps as the only way to escape. If I leave my job I’ll feel like a failure and probably get quite depressed but if I stay im going to continue getting so anxious and stressed (over job and skin) that something bad is gonna happen to me.

Please, I just need someone to help me or I don’t know if I can cope. 


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Keep going untill you have tried almost every possible solution there is! The right treatment takes time and the most important factor is finding out what causes the acne and patience. 

I think your acne may be hormonal because it happened all of a sudden and is painful and cystic. I hope your doc has checked for hormones in your blood work as well. 

If if you haven’t check out Casandra Bankson on YouTube, her whole YouTube channel is dedicated to those with Acne she herself has struggled with major Acne! Now she has clear skin.

i know it’s hard not to but stressing about your Acne actually can cause more acne! The stress response increases inflammation and sebum production which can lead to more acne. One of ex most important treatment steps for acne is to accept it!! I find that whenever I have acne and I stress over it, my Acne stays untill I stop giving a crap out it! How I accept my acne is that I connect with my values. To me accepting my self and living life is a far greater value than worrying about my acne or having a clear face (hell these aren’t even values). Having not perfect skin helps me accept myself and live by my values and that makes me happy and able to accept my acne.

i know it’s difficult but stay strong and never give up hope! If you are having suicidal thoughts you need to see a medical professional: a therapist!!! There is more to life not perfect skin, you just have to find it. A book that has helped me is called The Happiness trap by Russ Harris. You got this!!

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Agreed!   Acne is your current situation but it is not your forever situation.  Sometimes life seems unfair but you'll get through this.  Every day that you get up and go in spite of your skin, is a day that you refuse to allow acne to hold you back.  

I am in a similar situation where i have been given every test and treatment under the sun and except for accutane and The regimen, my acne has not consistently responded to anything else.  It is depressing at times but after 19 years of dealing with this, i realize that to give up is not an option.  I just have to plug away at it and try to live a life worth living.  Keep working hard.  Eventually you'll find that acne is only a small part of your puzzle.

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PLEASE reach out for professional help ASAP.  I know it's hard, but it gets better - I PROMISE. Suicide is NOT the answer. 

I was in your position at this time last year.  Avoided mirrors, my face was always in pain because of my cystic acne, spent hundreds on makeup trying to cover up the problem (which just made it worse...vicious cycle).   What works for somebody may not work for you, and vice versa...keep looking.  And do not give up.

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