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how i cleared my acne

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Hi all.
i'm 18 and i have struggled with acne on and off since i was about 13 or so. i used proactiv (worst thing ever), and then when my insurance changed and the dermatologist was covered, i went. whatever they gave me worked almost instantly and it continued to work for about a year or two. 
my acne started to get worse when i was seventeen. i would get these huge, painful zits underneath my skin that would stay for weeks. i broke out mostly on my cheeks, chin. and forehead. my dermatologist suggested that i go on accutane, however i dis not think it was the best choice for me personally. i kept with whatever the dermatologist originally prescribed. after doing a lot of research, i decided to try to work from the inside out. i began taking a multivitamin with collagen, vitamin a, and other skin clearing properties, probiotics, vitamin d, and zinc. these vitamins all improved my skin overall, but it was still was not where i wanted it to be. at this time, my mom suggested that i go on the birth control pill before college, and as an added bonus, she said it helped with her acne as a teen/young adult. it didnt work overnight, but after being on the pill for several months (im on loryna) i saw great imporovement. other than birth control and vitamins, here are the skincare products i use and absolutely love:
simple micellar water- makeup remover
cerave renewing SA cleanser- face wash
thayers rose petal witch hazel- toner
rosehip seed oil (miracle for scars and hyperpigmentation and did not break me out!)
vitamin e cream- moisturizer
corsx pimple stickers- spot treatment, sucks all of the pus out of zits
i also do face masks from time to time. my favorite is the indian healing clay. 
anyway, these are my tips on how to get clearer skin. it works very well for me, but everyone is diferent. i hope you all find what works for you...

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