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My wife divorced me because of acne

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My wife divorced me because of acne, so she though was the reason behind our stillborn. I told her she was just depressed and wasnt thinking straight. 4 days later she moved out and told me she wanted to find a healthy man to have kids with.

This was the reason ive finally looked for a permanent solution to my acne.

I started getting acne at 15yo and had severe acne through to 33yo it somewhat calmed down a bit until this year now 40yo where its come back full force.

Beginning of year i decided to finally try roaccutane, within 6 weeks my skin was 70% better and oil was reduced on my forhead where it looked like i was sweating even during winter.

Today i am 99% acne free with no scars. Im very happy with the result however i keep beating myself up for not taking it sooner. Sometimes i get really angry at myself for letting it go so long, basically in the end destroying my family.

I feel like ive wasted the best years of my life dealing with this. I need to stop myself from overthinking before getting too upset.

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sorry about your  situation with your ex. it sounds like her excuse of your acne making you  unhealthy was just a way to make you unhappy.  

im almost  certain there is no link between acne and fertility problems.


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Try not to beat yourself up over this.  It sounds to me like she couldn't emotionally handle what happened and was looking for an excuse (probably subconsciously) to break it off with you. Sometimes when something tragic like this happens people can't stand being around people or places that remind them of the tragedy.  If you didn't have acne her mind probably would have come up with some other reason it was your fault and to break up with you.

Your acne had nothing to do with what happened and it's not your fault. It's a shame she didn't realize that she was being completely irrational.  She should have got counseling, then she probably would have come to realize that she was just acting out of grief.  

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Very familiar feeling.. wasted time of life dealing with acne and scars. Best years. Life with restrictions. Several relationships were over because of it. And job opportunities said good bye. You really so lucky that you do not have scars. For many acne sufferers the scars are permanent(. 

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