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Malassezia folliculitis or hormonal?

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Hi all, 
I’ve been afflicted by a horrible case of acne for the past month or two; I have a 9 month old baby and prior to being pregnant my skin had been moderately clear with the occasional cystic hormonal pimple pop up before that time of the month... about half way through my pregnancy I was put on azithromycin for pneumonia and after a few days of taking them my skin burst out in a similar fashion as it is now.  I started using benzaclin and financea throughout my pregnancy; my skin improved a bit however it dramatically improved after the birth of my baby and stayed that way up until a few months ago, with the exception of a few minor breakouts that would only last a few days to a week tops.  This time it has been relentless and the topicals I’ve been using haven’t been helping.  I noticed a correlation with my breakouts worsening when I’d wear my full face mountain bike helmet so I washed my helmet pads in the washing machine with tide and sprayed the pads and helmet with alcohol, I also went to the dr and he theorized that it may be due to bacteria and prescribed me minocycline for a week which didn’t have any sort of noticeable effect.  I went back a few weeks later and asked for diflucan as I thought it maybe fungal in nature,  overnight my skin improved by 90% and after a few days I would wake up with only one or two pustules as opposed to the10-30 before diflucan.  I also cut out all sugar and wheat/starchy vegetables at the time after I finished the course of Antifungals (3 x100mg) my skin gradually returned to the state it was prior to taking the Antifungals.  I went back to the dr to get another prescription and this time they didn’t seem to have any effect.  I’m wondering if perhaps it was hormonal rather than fungal as my period started the first day I took the diflucan and maybe the hormones from my period had something to do with my skin clearing.  I also wonder if it is fungus, and maybe the fungi became resistant to the diflucan and the azithromycin I took when I was pregnant had something to do with throwing my bacterial flora’s balance off. It is mostly in the left side of my face too my right side is 98% better than my left.   I wash my eyes twice a day with dermalogica clearing skin wash or special cleansing gel, I usually use finacea in the morning and Benzaclin at night.   Used to use emu oil as a moisturizer but haven’t in he past few months as i suspect it aggravates my skin now.  I tried sleeping with Manuka and turmeric on the other night and my face was less inflamed but the pustules had more white stuff than usual.  I also eat pretty clean: hardly any dairy (cheese maybe once a month), hardly any processed foods and no fast food I mainly eat fresh or frozen veggies, and fresh or frozen chicken, beef, duck or fish.  I take liposomal vitamin c, vitamin  e, zinc, COD liver oil, omega 3 fish oil, garlic pills, b complex, lecithin, maca, hemp oil, and drink upwards of 8 cups of water a day.  If anybody has your insight or recommendations I would appreciate that so much. 

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