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can someone please tell me WTF is wrong with my face?!?

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Okay so I had a job from june-august (3 mos - i got fired so i no longer have said job). It was working with apartments and i was sweating constantly and around mold and spray paint and chemicals i dont really deal with ever. i started getting an allergic rash on my face (super red/ purple under my eyes which never happened and super super itchy and swollen), then my face started to PEEL. like im talking very extreme peeling (will attach images below), now im peeling a LOT less just in some areas and its very mild. but now i have a lot of acne. all of this happened since.... end of august to now so 2-3 months. 

I've been going crazy, i tried teas (spearmint, green tea, ruibos or whatever and a blend of different teas), supplements (l lysine, amino acids - blend as i know L lysine is an AA, zinc, magnesium, b complex, fish oil (omega 3), vitamin c etc)

I'm no stranger to skincare/ actives either, BHA, AHA's, gentle ingredients, cicaplast, vitamin c, long time tretinoin user (though i did have a hiatus for several months, so maybe that im starting it again it's basically "purging" which i dont even know if i believe that but i know when i first started... that happened), zinc serum, and all things. nothing with fragrance, coconut oil, nothing comedogenic. all face soaps and lotions are gentle such as CeraVe and EltaMD (sunscreen everyday) La Roche Posay (Cerave and eltamd are all long term use).

I even got allergy testing and nothing, ive been to the derm and they just gave me Aczone (dapsone gel, surprisingly is doing noting). I was on Trinessa Lo (generic of ortho tri cyclen lo) for 2-3 years - perfect no issues. derm decided to change me to microgestin, i did it for 1 month and i know its bad to switch back and forth but i couldnt handle it, so currently now im back on trinessa lo and acne is still here. 

I'm going crazy. Yes, I'm very stressed about finances and my lack of a job, but i dont know what else to do about that. anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to try cutting out dairy and all wheat/grains/ gluten and see how that works. Very difficult as im vegetarian and allergic to nuts. my diet has been extremelypoor the past several weeks which may contribute, but it just doesnt make sense its THIS bad THIS fast as ive had a poor diet in the past and maybe got 1-2 pimples... this is worse than any acne i had in puberty

IMAGES BELOW (not in any order):
- example of flaky skin
- example of CLEAR skin (several weeks ago)
-example of ACNE (a few days ago) 

again the flaky skin (first real symptom) started BEFORE any dietary changes / before i ate poorly, before most stress, before teas and supplements, and BEFORE i changed my birth control. this happened VERY suddenly after having clear skin for YEARS like 5+ years. yes it is getting worse every single day despite my efforts, whether i do it or dont do it it just gets worse. as reference, im 21 female. 


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