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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some help - I have very mild bacne on my back (sometimes on my shoulders, sometimes lower down) and whilst I know this isn't a serious case, it's managed to die down a lot from my earlier teenage years - however, quite frankly, I'm now sick of it and would appreciate any help in getting rid of it once and for all.

I have stretch marks on my back from a pubescent growth spurt and while these have nearly faded as well, and I moisturise this area daily which I am suspicious of inadvertently causing my body acne.

My routine at present is:

1. in shower exfoliate back with soap which contains salicylic 
2. get out of the shower
2. dry skin
3. apply benzoyl peroxide to back and shoulder and wait for it to soak in 
4. apply moisturiser to scarred areas

(i've had this routine for around a month)

I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong? If anyone has any suggestions for products please let me know, and I'm on a reasonable budget as I'm a student.

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You're not doing anything wrong if you haven't seen any improvement within a month either want longer or go to a dermatologist. Bacne is fucking stupid and a pain in the ass to get rid off and gets out of control quickly. I have had a similar routine to yours for over a half-year now and it's only just starting to get better. So either blow tons of money on buying stupid acne products for a year and praying for improvement or blow tons of money on what the dermatologist recommends and praying for improvement or don't do anything and pray for improvement. Acne sucks and it all comes down to luck and if your parents had it or not. Acne is a thing that the body just does to you and expects you to be fine with it.

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