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Hi. I'm new here, but I'll try to make it as good as possible. 
I'm dealing with moderate-Severe acne since age 10, Grade 5th-Grade 6th. Until middle school, somthing like grade 8th, I was being mocked due to my "Pizza Face". At the time I didn't really cared about my face, didn't go to the doctor or even cleansed my face with soap, I don't remember my face at the time but the pictures are telling it was really bad. Never really had cysts, just a little bit, But a lot of inflammation and whiteheads, pimples and really oily skin due to hormonal issues (thyroid disorders) and genetics. 
now i'm 15, Grade 10th. I have a lot of friends, some really close ones, and am good at school. I am really stressed out this year due to alot of social activities going on. My acne, today, at my period, is the worst it can be. Even though it got better the past 2 years, today it's the worst it's ever been. I can't look at the mirror, at my covered forehead and not to cry. I feel so so frusturated, don't have a pattern with my anti-acne cream, my doctor doesn't know shit, and my skin is getting  worse by the minute. I don't wanna go to school anymore and don't wanna show my horrible face in public... Pls help me understabd what to do...

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