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I’m new to this site so I hope that I’ve posted this in the right place. I wanted to hear other people’s experiences with the caveman regimen, as I am 3 weeks in (although I’m using water once a day) and my skin is not doing well at all.

A bit of background:
I’ve had acne for about 8 years now, ranging from mild to severe. It’s improved slightly from diet changes, but never completely cleared up. Some other things I’ve tried include
- MANY masks, cleansers etc, both natural and the ones containing bp and similar ingredients.
- doctor prescriptions, creams, doxycycline etc.
- around 4-5 different contraceptive pills.
- isotretinoin.
- probiotics.
- diet changes (no dairy, wheat/gluten, soy, limited sugar and processed foods)
- eating organic meat etc to avoid the added hormones.
- eating plant based.

I’m not sure if my acne is hormonal as my skin is just bad in general, although  i do still break out before my period. The spots themselves aren’t bad it’s the amount that there are. My back, chest, neck, cheeks, jawline and temples are covered in whiteheads and little red bumps. Prior to this regimen I was using a charcoal face soap, moisturising with jojoba oil and applying sunscreen, then using tea tree oil on spots at night. 

the first week or so of washing my face with only water my skin looked pretty good, obviously dead skin appeared but it wasn’t terrible and could be removed quite easily. As I mentioned, I have acne on my back, chest, neck and face, but before the regimen it was only on my face and back. 

Im thinking that it’s my skin detoxing, but if that’s the case why is my neck breaking out if I never used the cleansers etc on it? 

Ive also heard people say it can take upto 6 months to work, but I read that the skin takes 28 days to renew, so what’s it doing for the other 5 months after?

also, shall I stop using water altogether? Right now I’ve just been splashing the areas with acne with warm water before I go to bed. 

I really want to stick this out but it’s becoming so mentally difficult to deal with, especially as it seems to just be spreading. Has anyone else had a positive experience with this or can give any advice?


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depends what your skins like and what your acne problem is.

were all different but when i do the caveman regiment, after 4 days my skin clears up and stops overproducing sebum.

its a bit of a catch22 because after a short while, i need to wash my face because it looks dirty.. but having said that i think the caveman regiment is well worth trying.

 in my experience, washing with just water didnt effect the   positive  progress of the caveman regiment.

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