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Can you identify this type of acne scarring?

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I'm new to the site but there are some really cool, knowledgeable people here. I figured the first step to clearing my skin is to know what I'm dealing with. I don't have active acne anymore, just the scars, and I'm in my 20s now.


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Your scars seem minor ... But I can not see the full extent ... scars make shadows, if you use a flashlight I Can see the depth more.  

Regardless I see surface rolling scars as your main issue. 

A few sessions of subcision would be helpful. As they seem shallow, Filler may not be necessary and you could do Chinese cupping post procedure or you could do a vial of dilute sculptra (optional).  

You could do a few session of rf needling or you could do microneedling at home.

Peels are relatively cheap as your scars are not that deep for surface texture. 

See the FAQ for more information. 

I am sure many Drs will push laser for this, which won't fix the issue ... Your issue is best addressed with subcision. Feel free to do nothing or choose any of these things. Treat as you have time and money. 

See the FAQ at the top of the acne scar sub, first post.

Your skin type is prone to hyperpigmentation, please use differin and or tretinorin nightly with a konjac and albutin cream.

If it were me I would do subcision and re-evaluate, perhaps do some at home treatments as mentioned above. 

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Thank you so much! I was hoping you'd reply because I saw you in another thread and you seem like you know your stuff. If a chemical peel would be more effective than laser, I might try this groupon I found for a treatment. Here's a couple more high contrast photos, I tried to capture that uneven texture along my cheeks.


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@Ekscelsior Thank you for the update. Yes I feel subcision(s) and filler will help you the most with the rolling scars on your cheeks. 

You can do rf needling is you wish between them for added improvement or just do dermastamping at home.

A few peels will help with texture once you raise them more.

The main thing is get subcision done, even if you do one a year. Then worry about softening the texture weather through peels or laser.


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Subcsion - filler. Agreed. Best with Cannular but depends on the skill level of your specialist. Most of your scars are indeed rolling, and breaking the bonds holding them down with MANUAL not device will give you the best,  and most predictable gains. Wish you well. 

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