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Acne on Jawline and my Journey

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So this is actually my first time posting on this so hopefully I can get some assistance on here.

Before I begin let me start with a little background on me, my Acne journey and how I am still struggling with it today. I am Asian, therefore, I eat a lot of Soy and rice. I come from an athletic background as I ran track in college. I eat healthy compared to my peers as I learned a lot about the food industry so I do not ingest a lot of alcohol, unnecessary sugar, avoid dairy, etc. I am a male, age 22, and believe that my adult acne and is something I am doing back home that is causing this reaction.


Rewind it to two years ago during my third year of college. I was living by myself outside of my parent house. As I recall, I remember struggling with my skin at the beginning of the school year, but I distinctly remember cutting out dairy randomly at one point and slowly I stopped noticing any blemishes on my skin. I remember towards the Winter/Spring time (January to June) I did not really notice any blemishes on my face. I can recall that I cooked a lot of my meals and rarely ate out because not only did it save money, but kept me healthy. During this point in time I did not have a lot of Asian food, I still ate things like soy sauce, but I felt like I rarely ate any Asian food. This was the point in time where I felt like my skin was at its best.


Product: If I recall, Neutrogena Deep Clean invigorating Foaming Scrub

I finished my third year and this is where I started to slowly notice the growth of pimples on my face. The pimples got worse, I believe it began through my jawline and as summer went by, I started noticing pimples on my cheeks. I moved back home and that meant eating mom’s dishes. The only thing I do not understand is that it is not like my mom makes unhealthy dishes. She does not add anything that would be harmful for the body like drenched in sauce, msg, etc. Also, during this entire time, I was lifting/running to stay in shape for my running career. As the summer kept going, the acne on my face got worse and worse. I went to see an Asian doctor because I wanted to discover ultimately what was going on with my body. I understand there is a problem underneath and that problem needs to be fixed rather than nuking it with drugs. He did some kinesiology allergy test to see if there was any food allergies, but that ultimately did not help.

Beginning of my fourth Year

Product: I forget exactly the product, but it was filled with organic materials at was given to me from my dad’s friend who works in skincare.

So summer went by, school started, and I moved back to my school. This is where I felt like I could control it again. I still struggled a lot with it in the beginning, but as the school year progressed, it slowly got better. I remember taking this kind of Asian powder thing and I believe it removed the heat from inside the body. Not necessarily inflammation, but heat in from body (thing from TCM). I started to take Curology for a while, but stopped after a while. I began running again because practice started, so that mean every day sprinting Monday through Saturday and lifting three times a week. Living away from home meant eating my own cooked food. I noticed that as I lived away from home, my skin got better. Never 100%, it took time, but it got better that where it was during the previous summer.

 End of my Fourth year/ beginning of summer

Product: St Ives oatmeal scrub during school

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree oil during the Summer.

Towards the end of my fourth and last year, I still struggled a little bit with my skin, but it was not even close bad as it was as the previous summer. However, this is where it begins AGAIN. I moved back home during towards the end of June and this is where it started all over. As summer started to go by, I noticed that I started to develop acne on my jawline AGAIN. I started to eat home cooked meals again. I could not understand what was causing this reaction again. Everything basically remained the same. From using my shower items that are safe from harmful products to the detergent I use for my clothes. I again went to an Asian Eastern doctor again but a different one. He tested me that I was:

1.       Eating too much nuts/ coconut- I used to have a smoothie every morning with Silk organic almond milk, strawberries, blueberries, Spinach, Flax and Chia seed. I used coconut oil to cook all my meals even when I cooked at college.

2.       Vitamin A Deficient- told me to drink straight carrot juice everyday

3.       Saturated Fats- I do not eat any fried stuff often, rarely do. At this point I cut out all coconut oil and started used grapeseed oil.

4.       Avoid Soy- I avoided soy for a week and I do not think anything happened.

Ultimately I tried all four things he told me to do with not much success. I went to him because I have a lot of family friends that recommend him as he cares about his patients and fixing their problems. I have a family friend that went for acne problems and she said he helped a lot with hers.

I noticed that during this time as my acne was appearing, I started to have whitehead appear on the side of my face. I could feel them as they were more apparent now. I felt them mainly when I was washing my face. Everything has basically remained the same except two factors that I can think of: (THESE ARE MY SPECULATIONS)

1.       What I am eating is more diverse rather than when I was in college. I eat more of my mom’s cooked Asian dishes, meaning more soy etc. During my time at college, I ate a lot of white rice with protein and vegetables. Living at home is no different as I am still eating those same things but I guess with more Soy.

2.       The water I use to shower with. I started to notice this as sometimes told me about how it may be from the water we use to shower with. My shower leaks water so I put a bucket underneath it to catch the water and I started to add up when I thought about all the calcium and magnesium build up in the bucket. Also my brother use to raise fish so he also said the water at our house is hard.

At the beginning of when I heard this, I bought distilled water to wash my face. At the same time, I bought a filter from Amazon. Within a few days I started to notice a difference when washing with distilled water and not with the filter as it was shipping. There was rarely any to none whiteheads that appear on my face/ jawline.

When I got my filter, I kind of stopped using distilled water and used primarily the filter. However, I felt like the past few days I broke out again. It was only until a few days ago when, I found out there is a difference between filter and softener as filter removes the chemicals while softeners remove the minerals. I am not sure if it is the minerals that are possibly clogging my pores because the hard water cannot react with my face wash/ soap, which is ultimately why it is clogging my pores. The filter does not soften the water by removing the minerals, but instead it removes the harmful chemicals/pathogens/ etc. Prior to using this filter/ washing face with distilled water, I noticed I barely get any white heads now. Except I still have pimples on my face.


Food Issue

When I analyze the food my mom prepares, I is not necessarily bad. She does not add anything crazy except perhaps soy sauce or any soy products like tofu. I noticed that I did not particularly eat a lot of soy during my time in college, but I did sometimes use soy sauce in my food. Which I do not understand could it be soy or not?

  • ·         My question on this is that I grew up eating Asian food without much any problem. However during my time in college living away from home, I would rarely eat any soy products. So could not eating soy for a while cause me to develop an allergic reaction to soy as my body cannot digest it? And can not eating soy at college and coming back home eating soy again cause this development of acne? 

Water issue:

The only thing I do not understand is that I believe my water at my college house was just as hard but I did not break out like when I moved back home. The shower glass at my college house has the magnesium and calcium build up as it is not as clear as it used to be. So I do not understand if this could be the possible problem or just a portion.

And instantly as I moved back home, I noticed that my pimples started to develop on my jawline area.

  • ·         My question is if it is the water, why is it only my face that is developing acne. I do not really break out anywhere on my body, the place where my acne develops is mainly on my jawline. I am thinking that if it is my water, wouldn’t I be breaking out all over my face and body? Why is it only developing in the jawline area?

I started to wash my face again with just purely distilled water just to experiment. After showering, I would splash my face with distilled water and use my Trader Joe’s Tea tree oil face wash. Then rinse off with distilled water. I want to see if just purely washing with distilled water will make a difference.

My acne, even compared during my time as a teenager, has never been this bad. All the way till the end of my third year of college. I just do not understand what could be causing this reaction. Any input would be awesome just to hear from the community and your experiences.

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