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Acne.orgs benzoyl peroxide and redness

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I have been using the acne.org bp along with my own wash and a prescription rentinol treninoin for the past month. My skin is definitely better in terms of breakouts but it’s gotten so red. I’ve been using the bp during the day and the treninoin at night. I think what’s really irritating my skin is the amount of bp it says to slather on it seems like way too much. Do you really need that much bp? I’m 26 I really don’t want to be overdrying my skin but I’m not sure if it will be as effective in small quantities. Should I switch to using it at night and alternate it with the treninoin? Does anyone else use this combo and have a problem?

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i've never used rentinol but in my experience using acne.org's bp my face got superrrr red and dry. it was almost unbearable. it DOES get better but you have to be patient and be willing to accept the fact that your face is going to feel like crap for a couple of weeks until it gets used to it. after trying acne.org again I'm not really going by the exact dose that they tell you to slather on, as my acne is not that severe and I've found that using their exact dose really does dry out my skin too much. This is my first month using it again and I use a *thin* finger length of BP, not the thick amount that they tell you to use. it's been working well so far. i'd say if its too unbearable def reduce the dosage to something that your skin is more comfortable with, and maybe gradually build it up. I suggest to keep doing it morning & night though, its most effective that way.  

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They recommend WAY too much -  I got chemical burns from following their instructions :( I  now use a different brand of BP and literally a pea size amount keeps my cystic acne away. 

Take a break and let your skin heal. Lots of moisture, maybe even aloe Vera. 

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