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Soft spot on scalp shooting spurt of blood

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I just had something quite alarming happen that I've never had happen or heard of anyone else having before. I'm hoping someone can tell me what this is -

I've had a small sore spot on the front of my scalp for about a week. Tonight I woke up because the spot was super tender and hurting. The spot isn't inflamed or swollen but it's more like a small dent. 

Anyway it was really hurting and I guess I thought this was a really bad pimple, although I didn't see anything that looked like a pimple. 

I attempted to pop or poke the spot (I know you're not supposed to do this but I've been leaving it alone all week now and it's getting worse) and here's where it gets weird... 

I'm concerned because I poke it and no kidding blood comes shooting out from this spot. Not, like a ton of blood but it was a pretty solid stream for a fraction of a second. I was able to stop the bleeding with tissue. 

This really scared me as I've never had blood come shooting out of a soft spot before. Is this a cyst? I sure hope so. My Dad just got a spot on his head removed because it was a sign of skin cancer. 

He's fine now, it was no big deal, but that's probably the reason I'm a little freaked right now. So much so that I'm asking about this on an internet forum! 

Thanks in advance for any replies and I realize you all aren't doctors but has anyone ever had this happen? 

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