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Please help me lol

Tiny forehead texture bumps seen in daylight or suns light. I think theyre Closed comedones (clogged pores?) wont go away

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54B1A012-D52E-41B2-837A-6DDAA75474F7.thumb.jpeg.789c2bb2d6d17821235032428e7e6274.jpegEB4B9667-83C0-4112-9BE3-15D5ADC40570.thumb.jpeg.1ebf952a0dfc4ebc4a8016e7bc0e1d93.jpegE67CD503-8996-4F01-9BDC-53788C90D52C.thumb.jpeg.35e45a323b21df2e159f6d4a2a2884d4.jpegI have these tiny bumps all over my forehead and some on my jawline. I assume they’re clogged pores or closed comedome bumps and not pityrosporum folliculitis because they DONT itch and they DO pop if i did try to squeeze them (which i don’t). Nothing helps to fade them or improve the texture, even exfoliating. I have had them for years now. So far I have tried clindamycin phosphate gel, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid face washes, oil cleansing method, witch hazel, adapalene gel, tea tree oil, paula’s choice 2% bha liquid, and curology. i’ve tried all these things for a substantial amount of time throughout the past couple of years. They didn’t cause a bad reaction but did not help with these small texture bumps. Most of the things i’ve tried have helped with normal pimple breakouts. i have even tried nizoral when i though it was pittrosporum folliculitis. I can’t see a dermatologist bc it’s expensive and i just moved and haven’t worked out my doctor situation yet. Please if anyone knows some miracle product or soemthing that could help, please help me out.
Some of the photos are with makeup and some are without but the bumps show up just as harsh either way.

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