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Hi All,

Lifelong veteran here and at 55 still use Differin and Benzacline night and morning respectively and wash with liquid Cerave fash wash. Cerave light moisturizer on occasion as needed. As a business professional I have zero tolerance for breakouts and try to eat clean along the lines of a low dairy, low carb, mostly whole grains, vegies and lean meats including fish. I've done two rounds of Accutane in my life and many other external prescripts. All helped immensely and I have it well managed with the current program.  But could not get to the point of total clearing continuously as I was still getting some inflamed pimples a few times a month. 

With that said I thought I'd pass along one thing that reduced my pores, totally eliminated breakouts and made a huge difference.  First time since I was 16 years old I have eliminated my 4 cups of coffee a day and only drink green tea. Ironically I decided to give up coffee due to reflux stomach issues and not acne. I'm not sure if its the reduced caffeine or switching to green tea, but wanted to pass this  along to everyone. Green tea has about a third of the caffeine of coffee.  For me this is the single biggest change I've noticed in my experience. Allot of great info out there about adrenal exhaustion and it's effect on insulin resistance for those interested in researching! 

Breaking my life long love of coffee has been difficult to say the least.  6 weeks now since my switch and it seems I noticed the first changes after about week 2. Let me warn you if you're a long time coffee user like me it will be about 3 full weeks of headaches and feeling lethargic.  But after the initial suffering, energy comes back, sleep is much improved and an overall better sense of well-being.  I still have some of the oiliness (somewhat reduced) but definitely less reactions to foods which used to cause immediate breakouts like cheese and the occasional ice cream.  Less oily overall, pores seem smaller, texture less orange peel and if I do get start of any pimple, it's small and goes away in a day or two (not even noticeable).  It won't get over irrated and mature to a full grown blemish like before. 

I hope this helps some of you as I refused to believe my coffee consumption was relative to my skin.  Especially because coffee does have many benefits and antioxidants, but so does green tea. 

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