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wait untill you're clear

Hi, I have darker skin and scar very easily. PIH in darker skin people seems to be worse. I'm not black or anything i'm just tanner than the average white guy. I dont even touch my pimples and they scar while my friends pick the living sh¡t out of their faces and dont get 1 mark. Anyways my question is, should i wait for my acne to clear up from the regimen before i start tackling the problem of red makrsd and scars?

The reason why is i've tried everything on my scars and red makrs, Maderma, Vitamin E, Scar Serum, Cocoa Butter, etc, and none of it seems to work whatsoever, maybe because i'm still getting acne, and sometimes in those places. This would seem like a legit reason.

Anyways, leave feedback. Thanks


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poi u should definatly wait till ur skin is clear before treating pih. i know exactly what this is like since i have the same problem as u. since it spots which cause the marks stop the spots first.

it is far more differcult to treat both at once and takes its toll on ur skin.

plus the stuff u use to clear ur skin can cause more spots, such as cocoa butter.

i used to think that white people didnt get pih, but i guess they do smile.gif dont worry u are not alone, please be patient and treat ur acne first. im sure other people will say things to the same affect but will give u better reasons wink.gif im not an expert or anything but the general advice is to wait. maybe someone else can give u sound medical reasoning! biggrin.gif

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if u are going to treat pih with creams or lotions, just put it on the marks (might be long depending on the number) but its better to be safe then sry

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