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End all attempt to clear inflammatory and cystic acne.

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Acne location: Face.
Current age: 22
Age of above usual acne presence: 19
Current acne status: Heavily improving.
Forum post length: Long.
Reason for writing: Nothing helped me with my acne, so after years I may of found actions that works, if it helps anyone else I would consider this well worth my time.

For the past three years I have struggled inflammatory acne that lead to pustules, cystic acne, and blackheads. I have tried long course treatments of anti-biotics(minocycline, doxycycline). Those temporarily helped me, but my acne returned with a vengeance soon after discontinuation of a 3 month treatment. Mind you doxycycline had no effect on my cystic acne, while minocycline had a mild effect.

Present day acne state: My face is at a point where inflammation acne is no longer present and is starting to allow scars to start the maturation(scar healing) phase with complete proliferation(protective scab comes off). I still have a singular cyst but it is decreasing in size.

Current treatment and regimen:

List of products being used: Accutane 60mg daily two 30 mg doses 12 hours apart,Tactupump creme 0.1% adapalene 2.5% benzol peroxide, alcohol free aloe vera, Zinc supplement 50mg taken ~3 days(not taken same time as accutane to avoid liver stress).

Product regimen:
Accutane taken at 4A.M with fish oil(light snack too if possible), because fat content heavily increases Accutane bio-availability.
Before you start your day wipe your face clean with alcohol-free aloe vera to clean off Tactupump creme from the night before. You can clean off the aloe with cold water right away or leave it on for 20 min then wash off.
Zinc supplement should be taken 6 hours after initial Accutane dosage with food. This allows maximum time between accutane dosages which is hard on your liver.
Accutane taken at 4P.M with fish oil and light snack.

Before you sleep for the night, shower warm closer to hot then cold, then finish with a cold shower(no longer than 10 min total). Once your face is dry and you are not in a humid environment apply as little Tactupump creme as possible while still covering entire effected area(Do not spot apply).


Note some skin flaking while first starting Tactupump is normal, that should subside after your skin becomes used to the product. If you notice that your skin is turning leather like(you can see lines when pressing on your skin which feels tight an dry. Discontinue use of Tactupump, and moisturize using a daily facial moisturizer(non-comedogenic). You will feel a slight burn when applying that is normal for excessively dry skin. Know that if your apply too much Tactupump creme it is not anymore effective and leather like skin is likely to occur.

*If taking accutane be sure to drink plenty of water but space out consumption to avoid dehydration caused by water pollution from over consumption*

Things I have done to decrease chances of acne:

Do not shower more than twice a day(once a day is my recommendation). - Your skin has billions of bacteriophages, this virus's name literally means bacteria killer. When you bathe strenuously you remove lots of these from your skins surface allowing superficial bacteria to grow easier. When you shower start out warn not hot, then finish as cold as you are comfortable with. This allows pores to open and clear out, then close tightly when introduced to cold water. Hot water is only used to help cleanse pores, cold water is used to close them but it also has health benefits, including boosted immune response.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5025014/ Effects on human body from cold bathing

Replaced coffee with sugar with green tea with honey. - Coffee is an inflammatory and increases stress hormones produced by your body, sugar is also linked to increase inflammatory response. Green tea on the other hand is an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to decrease insulin resistance. Honey has many pro-health properties anti-oxidant, promotes wound healing, topical antibiotic, it also tastes good so why not have it in your tea.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5424551/  Health properties of honey

Vegan diet(excluding fish oil taken with accutane, and honey with tea) - This I am doing because of the hormones you can absorb from food products such as dairy and meats. These hormones can cause your bodies natural hormones to become unbalanced which can release stress hormones on top of the hormone imbalance already caused from dairy intake.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4524299/ -List of hormones found and effects

Avoid masturbation or excessive sex (men and women) - This is because the mechanism of the human body post-orgasm releases a cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones. The one I believe most responsible for acne would be "Prolactin" which increases heavily per orgasm. Prolactin in high amounts(hyper-prolactinemia) acts as a "5a-Reductase inhibitor or 5a-RI" which prevents testosterone being converted into dihydro-testosterone or DHT(the more potent form of testosterone)counter intuitive that less of a more potent testosterone causes acne but I will explain. *NOTE* I tried finding articles showing testosterone levels on people taking a 5a-RI but I could not find a single one, only ones showing lower DHT levels which is to be expected.
My theory on why high prolactin from orgasms causes acne is because Prolactin inhibits natural amounts of testosterone from being converted to DHT. This causes a surplus of natural testosterone and when prolactin levels decrease a surge of DHT is produced leading to an extreme bodily reaction.

The photos I have included are prior to treatment and present day. The prior to treatment photos all of the red spots had balls of pus under then which were sore and worsening each day, also my cystic acne is so deep you can't see any presence of them but at that point I had multiple cysts.



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