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My story with Acne and Saw Palmetto (Maybe maybe not)

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Hello Guys,

It was march 2017 when I got my first pimple in history for the first time (age 31), yeah what a lucky guy I was, ok my first pimple on my face because I always got pimples on my back, I was so lucky that whenever I deserved a pimple it always appeared on my back, but in 2017 it came on my face (cheek area). With time it turned into a dark spot, horrible to me, since it was my first spot in history I got crazy, I had very smooth skin, I was even so proud of it. Anyways because of this stupid dark spot I started trying a lot a lot a lot of creams, none of them work and some of them made it even darker. I thought it was because I ate mayonaise in every lunch so since march I quit mayo. Now unluckily, for other reasons I got some sort of pelvic pain, doctors made several tests and never found anything, not a single stupid bacteria lol, that's why unluckily one urologist told me: "it is something with the prostate so take saw palmetto because no bacterias are found."

Ok I took saw palmetto (SP) in november every day and what happened is that 5 days later two more pimples appeared on the same cheek. I thought oh no!!!! I didn't associated with SP but 10 days later i had a break out, like 7 pimples on each cheek appeared. Then  I thought "maybe it is because of this SP" but I continued, I thought: first let's cure the other issue and then we move back to acne...but 15 days later another 7 pimples appeared and instantly I cut SP and I was mad because I thought (and I keep thinking) SP did this to me. Once I quit the break out was over but pimples started to appeared from time to time and now until today is a never ending fight. I've tried antibiotics, for 3 months, it worked but as usual comes back once you stop the treatment. I see my face getting worse and worse and worse slowly. I still don't know if it was SP or was just a coincidence because I already developed one pimple months before....It is my biggest concern nowadays  because I did hormone tests months later and that was fine (testosterone and DHT), I did all sort of exams and all is fine.  I will never know unless I take it again, but I'm not sure if I want to do that for "research" after all what I've been through. I'm afraid this story is not over yet....anyone with similar stories with SP????? Maybe it was SP in my case... maybe not...... :( Thanks


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