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Finally clear after years of trial and error!

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Hey all, I've thought I fixed my acne and posted about it multiple times years ago...but then after a week or 2 of clear skin, I'd be right back where I was. So this time, I waited a full 3 months to make sure this was for real...and thank god it was. So please ignore any of my older posts. I want to let anyone who could be helped by this know what did the trick because having clear skin for the first time since puberty is wild...it's so incredibly uplifting that I've literally had my depression associated with my appearance disappear. 

So first off, here are the medications I still take daily from my derm that got me 50% clear:
Topical Clindamycin 
Doxycycline x2 day 

And when these weren't doing enough, I looked to change everything I did outside of them, from diet to extra topicals and nothing helped. Eventually my younger brother got completely clear skin from this product he was using, and I remember being jealous of him for a few months before it hit me that we're related and so that means the product could have the same effect on me (he had moderate-severe acne that I have so it surprised me that it just disappeared). That product is Witch Hazel. I use it as a toner twice a day and within a month all acne ceased and the only thing that remained was a tiny whitehead here or there. I was overjoyed. To fix the little whiteheads, I started exfoliating more times a week and used salycylic acid on my problem areas more than just once a day. I have no idea how it works so well on inflammatory acne since I thought topicals didn't affect them, but I'm clear...like 99% clear all the time. 

So for anyone on a routine that helps, but isn't solving it, try witch hazel as a toner. I don't know what genetically determines who it cures, but it helped as much as all my other treatments combined and that's wild to me. I'm not stopping my other meds, as I want to stay clear (just fyi). Just something to add on and see if it helps as much as it did me. 

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