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Looking to optimize my subcision results

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I'm 26 years old and have had severe cystic acne since puberty. I recently managed to get it under control, but I've been left with deep scarring all over my face which I'm now attempting to get rid of.

Yesterday, I consulted with the best specialist in my area and proceeded with subcision+filler treatment on both cheeks.

Much of my scarring was deeply tethered and ran vertically. Whenever I would smile, I'd get several unsightly creases. The doctor did a good job severing the points of attachment under the skin, and the creases are almost completely invisible now.

I do have a lot of red and purple bruising all over my face, but I know this is normal - even desirable in order to yield best results. I'm now wondering if I should do anything specific to ensure optimal healing.

I've read a bit about massaging and suction, which has been shown to improve treatment outcomes, but I'm hesitant to try this, because I've had two syringes of filler injected and my face is really bruised and swollen.

My understanding is that massage and suction are supposed to help prevent the scars from re-tethering, but I'm thinking this would only affect people who've had subcision done w/o filler, as getting filler injections already creates a barrier between the scars and underlying muscle tissue.

Anyway, I welcome any questions about my treatment, and I'd appreciate input from people who've had similar procedures done.



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You don't have to do anything else but live a healthy lifestyle conducive to healing. No we do not do suction or massage with filler, unless it's Sculptra. Please Follow your Dr's after care instructions. Results do not appear until around 3-6 months ... fully.  

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Yes, that's what I always strive for anyway, so I'll keep it up.
Most of my scars were injected with filler using two syringes of Juvederm Ultra, but a few areas remain unfilled even though they were subcised. I'm considering massaging and/or suctioning these small areas. My doctor didn't give me any specific after care instructions, but I do know that most doctors are usually quick to dismiss anything that doesn't offer enough scientific backing. That's why I'm looking here for anecdotal evidence of things that might help optimize my results, so long as they won't do me any harm.

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Everything we do here has "scientific backing." Your Dr is stuck in his ways and not open to new treatment options. The top 1% have to constantly stay up with treatments and "new" data. Secondly you have a pool of acne scar suffer's here that tell you what works and does not minus the sales and marketing and huge packages with false promises by general Drs calling themselves scar Drs. This is why we offer the top 1% acne scar Drs to get a basis for treatment and see what they are doing.  

That being said, yes do the cupping or suctioning if he did not fill certain spots if you wish. This is why Sculptra is better for a widespread filler (Spacer). HA is good for spot treatment. 

Massaging will do little.

There is little besides the above, and healthy diet / lifestyle you can do with subcision. Bruising is part of that process. It takes you around 3 months to see results. 

I am sorry your Dr provided so poor aftercare instructions, ... it is on them 100% to make sure you get the desired results. I guess he figures if you had infection or whatever you wound call the office. 


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I don't have any complaints about the treament itself, but I do agree that my doctor could've provided me with better aftercare instructions. I chose this doctor because he lives in my area and has excellent reviews online. His name is Dr. Joseph Doumit located in Montreal, Canada. If you know of a better acne scar specialist nearby, I would love to hear your recommendations. I'll PM you a few before and after pics so you can see my results and tell me what you think.

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