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Guest !CiRiEiEiP!

well, i dream that i am talking to her. sometimes i its cool cause i think of something really cool to talk about or say to her in my dream and i usually use it when i REALLY meet her, thats nice i guess.

Surprisingly i only dream that i talk to her and thats it. Sometimes i recreate what has happened with her in real life in my head and i kick myself for saying or doing a stupid thing, like at dinner this past thursday, i picked up a knife and showed her how sometimes i pretend to stab myself and she got really annoyed by that and said "yeah...thats funny, now stop that." and i felt really dumb afterwards. So i see that in my dream and my heart races because i really wish i hadn't done that at that moment. Again i worry too much and she probably doesnt even remember that and i kick myself for it all the time. Sucks.

edit:SHIT! My brother walked in as i was typing and i quickly closed the window but my damn computer look a while and i think he saw the "ACNE.ORG" logo! SHIT! Good thing i never let him use the computer but what if he checks it out? AH, IM SCREWED!

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lol I love all these girls saying how they love their guy friends... of course, who wouldn't love someone who gives so much to you and you not have to give him anything. It works out very well for you, but I'd say nearly 90% of the time they are only treating you nicely cuz they want you. So really it's like using them.. but then again if they're pathetic enough to let themselves be used then power to ya for taking advantage of your situation

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top right. look around there. it wasn't that interesting anyway!

dawg u remind me of that guy in not another teen movie that is the friend that will never be more than a friend

I mean im not acting like i get a ton of girls or anything because i dont but one thing that im sure turns girls off is a noticably whipped man

They like it for a while but eventually u become their bitch which isnt good

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Hey Chuck whats up Ive been reading all of your stoires its pretty cool i can relate i use to hella like this girl alot u kind of remind me of me it must suck being a twin dont u wish u can just shoot him lol no but i just wanted to say its cool u speak your mind on here share real experiences so yea ..... good luck with evreything next time u see her

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Do you think she is better than this beauty?

user posted image

adriana lima is simply......but i know there are lotsa of latinas hotties out there...and they aren't shallow.

Creep, Is she latina? mate, gimme some information of her, like her country and age. I can give you some advice (I'm latino). I'm not agree with many people here because girls from others countries are different. They think and act different. If she is hispanic from the south i know it is more about her culture. By your posts I don't think she is using you, maybe you has something that her boyfriend doesn't. YOU DON'T KNOW!! you need to find it.

My best advice is tell her the truth, be honest...but do it in your home watching some movie, etc - she'll love to hear THAT even if she doesn't like you as a boyfriend, but remember that you are keeping a door open doing it.

See her reactions, maybe she'll confess you something. Good luck and let me know. smile.gif

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yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thats a good point creep, but i remember he made a thread to say he was leaving the forums for good!

But maybe he still visits once in a while?... hmmm

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