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What I do to stop breakouts and clear my skin

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Just a little background knowledge of myself. I've dealt with acne since I was 13 I'm now 23 and still deal with it. I have found a regimen that keeps my acne ro a minimum and sometimes I'm compleatley clear. I do not believe there is a cure for acne. All I know is what I'm doing helps alot. So I have a list of things I do to keep my breakouts at bay. I'm not sure if just one thing is clearing it but I have a good feeling its everything I'm doing together. So as far as topical, i use cureology. A dermatologist accesses your skin and skin type and prescribes a topical treatment. It doesnt cause my skin to be dry or flake and it feels great on my skin. ( I have oily sensitive acne prone skin) as far a moisterizer I use aveeno baby daily moisture lotion, it does not irritate or cause me breakouts. Also I only wash my face with water in the morning, apply my treatment and then moisterizer. In the evening I wipe my makeup off and then apply treatment and moisterizer. Twice a week I use a exfoliator. And when I shower (every other day) i put on a clay/salicic acid mask. Now as far as supplements I take, a high quality multivitamin make sure it has every vitamin and mineral you need, fish oil, evening primrose oil, hair skin and nails, DIM, and lastly vitamin b5 it really helps reduce the oil on my face. The DIM and oils help balance hormones.  I take 4 pills of DIM total 100 mg each. And 3 to 4 pills of the vitamin b5 500mg each. I know so many people struggle with acne so I felt I needed to share what I do to keep mine under control. Just note that it takes a month or 2 to see results so stick with it. I hope this helps someone!! Much love

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