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Pimples when starting a healthy diet?

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Hi folks,

something strange happened to me and I'd like to know if more people here experienced the same thing.
I'm an adult Male, 28 years old and had conglobata up until i was 21. My acne conglobata got "cured" thanks to photodynamic therapy. God bless that therapy.

the thing now is, ever since I only had a few small pimples here and there sometimes. Also long periods of being clear.

my diet consisted out of normal foods but also out of bad foods like chips, fries, kebabs,ice cream you name it. With those types of foods I also only had a few pimples here and there.

ever since the 11th of September I've dramatically changed my diet for the good.
ever since I've been eating very low carb, and mainly fish, chicken, olives, all kinds of vegetables. I think I still have a leaky gut and want to fix it.
The odd part is.... I now get way more small pimples than compared to the crappy diet I consumed. 

Anyone here been through what I'm going through already and had the same thing? Would like to read your experience on it! And why you think this is happening.

thanks all for reading


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I have the same story! When I ate bad my skin is cleared up, but when I started a healthy diet it's become worst. A lot of people will say that "toxins go through the skin/ give it some time..." but this is all bullshit. I was on great diet(no sugar/gluten/dairy/proceed food, low GI ¦ only fish, chicken and vegetables) 4 month and still have very bad acne!!! Then,

after a long battle with acne, I just stopped worrying about my acne, started eating whatever I want (a ton of sugar) and my acne is gone during 2 weeks! I dunno what is wrong with my body Should I start to eat wrong again? Or maybe it's all my attitude? sry for this font size,I can't fix it
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I also had something similar happen last year! I tried Paleo diet and for the first few weeks, my skin went crazy. Mine calmed down after those few weeks (probably about a month total) and looked better and started healing after that time.
Being at college though I wasn't able to keep up with the healthy food and my acne's bad again. I dunno, but I think just the major change is something I had to get used to and that may have been the cause of the few weeks of breakout when I changed diet.

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