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Neck Hairs/Plucking/OCD

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Hey, been on this forum years but forgot my password for my other account, anyways, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I seem to have a bit of a addiction/ocd to plucking hairs out of my skin (mainly my neck area) which then leaves me with very red/sore bleeding skin most of the time and it looks terrible, this just seems to be a addiction I can’t seem to stop doing, I also get a lot of hairs under my skin on my neck which I know this sounds bad but I then dig them out the skin which leaves a hole most the time and very sore skin that bleeds a lot until it stops and scabs up, I do tend to get a lot of hairs though that develop under the skin for some reason, not sure why this is but I know I should just leave them, like my mother says and everyone else I talk too, if I pluck a hair out it’s only gonna grow back in the same place so what’s the point?!, it’s like a vicious circle with me my neck is constantly sore and looking a mess cause of this addiction/plucking, I’ve tried to just leave my hairs alone but always end up plucking them and picking at my skin, does anyone know why I also get a lot of hairs that are under the skin?! As that does annoy me or is that just natural for hairs on the neck, obviously I’m a guy and this message is directed to males only, any pointers or help you can give me or advice would be appreciated as this is getting out of hand and my neck is suffering. Thanks. 

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Listen to your mother and everyone else who tells you to leave them alone. I know it's not easy to do, but that will help immensely. Have you gone to a dermatologist for any of this? That may also help.

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Nah I haven’t been too a dermatologist as didn’t know if it would be needed cause thought the doctor would just say stop plucking them and send me on my way, I have got better the past few weeks staring at these hairs stuck in my skin but not plucking them and my skin condition has improved, but surely I need to do something as they look unsightly, all these patchy little hairs stuck under my skin, why do I keep getting these hairs stuck under my skin, is it a condition, I know I should just leave them until they come through the skin so fall off themselves but I think I have bad OCD and it makes me wanna dig at the skin and get them out immediately, need to find out why I keep getting these single hairs stuck under my skin cause then I won’t be picking as the problem will be solved, thing is it’s a vicious circle too cause when I pluck them they just come back again a few weeks later as the hair follicle is still there, so it’s just a vicious circle of me damaging my skin. 

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