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Bumps on very dry forehead. Fungal? eczema?

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IMG_20180909_213949_293-1.jpg.74ee1e4fda593000bc7ef228c04c34d9.jpgHi I was wondering if you guys knew what this is? As you can see I have a lot of small bumps on my forehead, but that's not my only issue, my biggest problem is probably the weird texture on the sides of my forehead (you can see it kind of clearly on the far right). None of it is responsive to the Acne.org AHA nor the BP... I've been using Stridex these two past weeks and idk if I see any difference. My forehead also creases when it's dry so I'm guessing it's dehydrated? Here's my routine, anyway:
-Cleanse with Cetaphil cleanser (not the sensitive version)
-Moisturize with CeraVe in the tub
-Cleanse with Cetaphil
-Wipe whole face with Stridex and wait 20-30 min
-Apply Scinic Honey AIO ampoule 
-Moisturize with CeraVe in the tub

As you can see I'm no longer using the AHA since it's ineffective and makes my forehead look WORSE in the morning and the BP doesn't seem like it will work so I dropped it. Can someone give me some advice? I'm seriously starting to suspect I have fungal acne or maybe even eczema considering how dry my forehead is but I don't wanna jump the gun only to be wrong

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There are no images, assuming that was an error. Also, if you suspect something fungal or eczema, you should probably see a dermatologist.

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Actually yeah that was an error. I've been sort of reluctant to go to a dermatologist for help because I don't think it's that bad, but it wouldn't hurt if I did...

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